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where is music going?
Last post Tue, Nov 07 2017 by Dietz, 203 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Nov 07 2017 07:07
by mh-7635
Joined on Wed, Aug 04 2004, Posts 177

I don't understand why you seem to be trying to categorize my life experience, conclusions, and preferences into something that better fits your own paradigm. I am never OK with atonality. Atonality is always evil, and always wrong, whether it is indulged in by Williams or any other composer. Williams seems to be a primarily great composer, but if he used atonality, that use of atonality is evil. A person can commit both good and evil acts. That is a cornerstone of the Christian worldview. Everything done by someone who does evil is not an evil act. Hitler loved his dog, Mussolini made the trains run on time. Those were good acts, but they also ordered the deaths of millions of people which was evil. 

I hate to see any composer waste valuable time, our most precious possession, with atonality. But I believe in freedom to make our own mistakes if that is what we have to do. Another cornerstone of the Christian worldview. That does not mean that I have to like the mistakes, or that I will not try to warn others away from the danger.



 Some of you might not wonder so much now as to why I get irate. It would seem as though some of the greatest composers of the last 100 years are spreading evil. I'd laugh at the Aesthetic Luddite if it wasn't for his reference to Hitler in a music forum.

It seems as though our tonal evangelist has the high and mighty musical ground and is not tolerant of voices better than his. The only word he is spreading is his own bigoted prejudice.

I hope his God understands because he sure doesn't. 




It appears to me that bigotry and prejudice are your domain, not mine. So now you have a really good reason to ramp up your hate for me personally, I am a Christian. Horrors! You also did not read my post if you think Christianity is the reason I hate atonality. I was using Christian principals to demonstrate that people are capable of both good and bad actions. And that a person is not evil just because some of their actions are evil. But even an evil person is capable of some good actions.

These seem to be difficult distinctions for you. But it is crystal clear that you hate Christians.

Paul McGraw



Permit me please Dietz,  given the nature of what has been said.....it will be civil.

[quote=Paul McGraw;266888

 But it is crystal clear that you hate Christians.

I'm not sure how you reached that conclusion Paul. Smarter minds will understand , but just for the record, I did not imply any such thing and I do not hate Christians. I strongly resent what seems to be a vituperative slur, the conclusion of which bears no relation to the content and context of my post above, nor for that matter, the context of this debate.

I invite you to explain how you got to the conclusion from my post above. You can PM me if you like. Have you ever heard of satire?

.....and will attempt to avoid discussing my musical philosophy so as not to provoke others by offering a perspective that might upset them.

I told you I was offended by your adjectives and not your opinion pages ago. 

Posted on Tue, Nov 07 2017 09:48
by fahl5
Joined on Fri, Feb 04 2005, Hall One, Posts 864

Originally Posted by: William Go to Quoted Post

I detest this kind of junk and am gone - goodbye and good riddance to you.    

Thank you very very much William.

I hope so much that at least this time we hopefully might trust your words.

Please stay candid and consequent and do not let this be just another of your lies.

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Posted on Tue, Nov 07 2017 10:30
by Dietz
Joined on Tue, Aug 06 2002, Vienna / Europe, Posts 7095

Ok, that's enough. Fahl5, my unmistakable invitation to tone down _now_ was also addressed at _you_. This thread is closed now, and I strongly suggest _not_ to continue the fruitless discussion in another one, especially as it consists of ad-hominem-attacks, mostly.

/Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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