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Some flaws in Synchron Player
Last post Thu, Jun 21 2018 by Paul, 4 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Jun 20 2018 14:48
by prodamu
Joined on Sun, Jan 20 2008, Sweden, Posts 24

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the new player. Amazing! The multi-dimensional layout is great for live performances. However, for composition in an DAWs, many of us don't want to keyswitches as notes to switch articulation. They want to be able to see in the track what articulations that are used.

Today many of the leading DAWs has solved the handle articulations changes in some way and can in some way visualize them. Cubases Expression Maps can handle these dimensions by sending multiple midi messages for one articulation. But not all DAWs are ready for this. Logics new Articulation ID can only send one midimessage (one dimension) for an articulation. Shure there is a work arond by using midi scripts to split the message to multiple messages, but it's quite complicated. And ProTools only way to handle articulation and visualize them in the track is by program change (also only one dimension).

So for that reason I was a little bit afraid that there would be a limit for how many cells you can have in each dimension, like 12 or 24. But if there is a limit it seem to be higher than that. Prg change has 128 different values so I guess that Synchron Player can handle 128 cells in one dimension?

However, when set the first dimension to be controlled by prg change and I start to add cells I've got some problems. Some of them could be classified as bugs but som are probably by design or have been missed in the design.

  1. The height of the cells is shrunk so when the number of cells grows they become hard to handle. It would be better if the list of cells would be scrollable.
  2. The text in the cells are NOT resized, so when the height of the cells becomes small the text will not fit. Instead the text from neighboring cells will overlaps eachother. This would also be solved if the list would be scrollable.
  3. The cells in other dimensions are also shrunk, even if thers only a few cells. Each dimension should be a inependent scrollable list.
  4. The + buttons below the last cell in the dimension is also scaled bu just in height so it looks ugly.
  5. When using keyswitches each cell show what key to be used for trigger that, but for prg change you not show what prg change to use for each cell. Have you missed that or is it some reason?

I hope that you can solve this in the near future. However I can use those prg changes today, it works but are a little bit harder to handle because of those flaws.

Posted on Wed, Jun 20 2018 16:01
by prodamu
Joined on Sun, Jan 20 2008, Sweden, Posts 24

Hi again,

I want to add that I truly believe in the multidimensional way to oraganize the articulations and I'm sure that's the future. But many of uas are stuck to one-dimensional articulation switching until the DAWs will support multiple messages for each articultation.

For now I plan to switch the main articulations and variations of them in the first dimension by prg change and then use a second and maybe a third dimension for velocity based marcato and controller based vibrato handling. But the first dimension tend to be larger than the GUI can handle in a nice way today.

I attach a screenshot of how it looks with 40 cells in the first dimension.

An other solution than having a scrollable list for each dimension is to not resize any obejcts but instead enlarge the whole view that holds the object and make it scrollable.

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Posted on Wed, Jun 20 2018 22:42
by ddunn
Joined on Fri, Aug 03 2007, Posts 82

Yes I use program change as well.  So a scrollable "Articulation" list would be what I need.  I seem to remember that the matrixes in VI started out as non scrollable until that feature was added.

Looking forward to delve into the player!

8 - 9 layers!!!  Thank you for continually raising the bar, gentlemen.

Posted on Thu, Jun 21 2018 05:29
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12890


Thanks for your input! We will be looking into it. 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
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