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Posted on Sun, Aug 05 2018 02:51
by ryansorensen12
Joined on Thu, Jul 27 2017, Posts 1

Hi there!

Thank you firstly for any help in advanced!

I am brand new to VEP6, I'm a film composer who has been pulling my hair out for the last year or so since I started running my big templates loaded into Pro Tools. I always found the easiest way was to freeze all the instances of Kontakt before finishing my work and then manually reloading them in when I rebooted my computer for the day. (WAY quicker than letting Pro Tools automatically reload them all!)

I'm very excited to be running my new 2 computer slave setup which consists of:

iMac Pro 2017: 3.2GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon W, 32GB ram, 1TB SSD (just runs pro tools, plugins and project files)

Mac Pro 5,1 2012: 3.1GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon 5675, 64GB ram, 256, 512GB SSD, 2x 2TB HDD (slave, VIs)

Basically, I'm setting up VEP6 on my slave to have 9-10 instances for each main modern film orchestra "section", so winds, brass, strings, percussion, synths, keys, sound design etc (pretty standard). Then within those instances I'm hoping to set up a few instances of Kontakt which will have multiple instruments loaded into each. For example, in the "strings" VEP6 instance, i'll have one kontakt instance for each section (V1, V2, VLA, CEL, DB), which will have my different libraries (like LASS, Spitfire) and articulations. They will then be on their own VEP6 channels by hitting the "+" on the channel that the Kontakt instance is inserted. 

I've watched this useful video on single Kontakt instances corresponding to VEP6 channel routing and followed it step by step:


Everything works fine up until my issue at 3:25 when the guy goes to "activate the output" (in his case 3-4) in his Cubase Rack. How do I do this in Pro Tools? I need to get playback from the other channels outputs that aren't 1-2 in Pro Tools and I can see the signal playing on the Pro Tools midi track AND the corresponding VEP6 track, but I have no output on anything other than the 1-2 channel. 

Hopefully I have been able to detail my dilemma in an understandable articulate way. I'm happy to attach a screen shot/video if need be!

Maybe there is a better way of doing this then the way I'm hoping and if so, I would love to know about it. I just need it to work as I have some composing gigs coming up in the next fortnight!

Thank you again, cheers!


Posted on Mon, Aug 06 2018 07:23
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 11636

HI Ryan, 

Did you check out the "ROUTING" section for Pro Tools on page 102 of the VE PRO 6 manual yet?


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
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