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Recommended processors per instance?
Last post Fri, Nov 15 2019 by dragsquares, 1 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Nov 15 2019 20:19
by dragsquares
Joined on Sat, Aug 13 2005, Los Angeles, Posts 54

2013 Mac Pro, 2.7 GHz 12-core, Mojave.  Latest VEPro.  Sequencing with PT or Cubase or Logic.  Also a 5,1 Mac Pro with 2 3.6 GHz 6-core, Mojave with VEPro.  

Now that my template is larger I've been obliged to think about processor allocation.  To be honest, before I didn't think about it much - it was set on both of them at 6 or 7 per instance.  I did most things within one or two instances, and sometimes I'd add things and realize I'd "allocated" more cores than I had, but everything still worked fine.

 Now things are laid out differently - typically a library, like Berlin Strings, or CSS, or the AudioModeling winds, in an instance.  This was initially done so that my library could be modular and I could only use what I wanted at the moment - but now I kind of need all of it.  Now, in the case of the SampleModeling Brass, for example, I have them split out as horns in an instance, trumpets in an instance and so on, because I've needed to be sure they have enough dedicated DSP to work reliably.  Same was true for AudioModeling Strings when I was using them built into an ensemble - things seemed to go better when I dedicated sections to instances.  

I'm not having trouble now per se - but If I add anything I likely will.  

So is there any current wisdom about processor allocation per instance?  Would I be truly better off with fewer instances but more outputs per instance? (One instance - my "rock band" one - has 24 output pairs, because it's Superior Drummer 3, Trillian, many Kontakt instruments and the Synchron Yamaha piano.)  

In short - I feel like I may be under-using my computing power in some ways and overusing in others.  Thoughts, anyone?


Thanks -


Richard F.W. Davis
Composer, Producer, Arranger

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