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Question to Synchron Pianos
Last post Thu, Jun 18 2020 by MangoD, 3 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Jun 16 2020 20:16
by BenJones
Joined on Sun, May 31 2020, Posts 1

Hi VSL und Friends, 

i have a question about the Synchron Pianos. 

When I look at the space size of CFX, the Steinway D and the Bösendorfer Imperial, I am wondering why the space size is increasing from the first Concert Grand CFX to the latest Concert Grand Bösendorfer Imperial. As indicated in the respective introducing Video the CFX seems to have the highest number of samples Overall (285680) and also the most samples per key (up to 4200), but it has the least space size. I am very interested why is that and what does that mean technically and for the details of sound. 

In reference to the first question i would like to know, whether the higher number of samples in the CFX produces the most realism and velocities of all synchron pianos or does the Bösendorfer wins the technical comparison. 

The CFX is also a bit cheaper. I have already gotten the Information (apart from one microphone Position less) that there are less release and pedal samples. Does this fact means that the Steinway and the Bösendorfer Imperial achieve more realism an velocities. 

For me, the number of microphone positions is less important than the maximum realism and authenticity in the player position and in the concert position as a listener.

PS: I have recently bought the Steinway Full and it is fun to play with and to hear. It is an real upgrade to the default sound of my clavinova 585. I use a similar mic combination like Philip Johnston. Does Philip Johnston really sold two acustic pianos voluntary to get a digital studio or rather for financial liquidity? 

Posted on Wed, Jun 17 2020 14:29
by Seventh Sam
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2018, Posts 178

I'm guessing it's because the Bosendorfer has more total mic positions than the CFX.

EDIT: And, perhaps, the extended bottom range?

Posted on Thu, Jun 18 2020 17:34
by MangoD
Joined on Sat, Jan 05 2019, M√ľnchen, Posts 17

The CFX didn't have a third close mic option (the tube mic was introduced with the Steinway) and the Bösendorfer Imperial has more than 88 keys (even though most of us don't have a controller that has more than 88 keys). I think that explains the difference in size. As for which one is the most realistic? I have bought both the Steinway Full and the CFX Full and I am testing the Bösendorfer Imperial now with the 30 day trial. 

Between the Steinway and the CFX, I prefer the CFX full stop. No matter what I do with velocity sensitivity and dynamic range and mixing I can't get the Steinway to become my Nr. 1 choice. And this is with a Kawai MP11 which isn't a bad controller. The CFX to me is much more dynamic and gives me real pleasure every time I use it. I cannot say enough about the new Imperial but I have enjoyed playing it yesterday. However I need more time to judge it :)

Obviously we all have different preferences so take what I say with a grain of salt but I hope it helped nonetheless :)

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