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Homologating various drives into a single slave
Last post Mon, Nov 09 2020 by Shawn Gibson, 1 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Nov 09 2020 01:20
by Shawn Gibson
Joined on Tue, Sep 23 2008, Toronto, Posts 192

Hi All,

I'm replacing 3 computer slaves with one big, new beast. It's a Ryzen 3900XT with an Asus X570-E motherboard. The setup has RAID capabilities as well as USB 3.2 Gen2. I will, for now, be using my current sample SSDs, which are currently spread over 3 computers and 2 different methods of use (RAID 0 and Windows Storage Spaces.


For the gurus is, how might I best adapt these drives for a single Slave setup with the Ryzen/X570-E setup?


I'm currently running the following:

Slave1: I'm running 2 Samsung 860 QVO 1Tb SSDs, under Windows "Storage Spaces" In my best guess at a mirrored/striped setup, a "two-way mirror" using their terminology. Capacity ends up about 1Tb.  I have no issues with this setup.


Slave2: Identical to Slave1.


Slave3: A random bunch of SSDs in a USB 3.0-to-SATA Raid 4-bay enclosure from Orico, running RAID 0.


Should I, in theory, be OK to run the four 1TB 860EVOs in the RAID 4-bay Orico enclosure, or would I find a very noticeable improvement by creating an onboard, motherboard-based RAID setup? Or for that matter, where would you put Windows Storage Spaces in this setup, desirability-wise?


My gut says I should be OK using the Orico 4-bay, 4TB RAID option over the USB 3.0-to-SATA setup. But I could be very wrong here lol.


Any thoughts would be appreciated:) I have all of the components, just waiting for Noctua to get some of their fans back into Canada to finish it off:)




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