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the mysterious 100 folder :)
Last post Thu, Jan 21 2021 by Fastel, 4 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Jan 20 2021 11:53
by Fastel
Joined on Wed, Nov 19 2008, Posts 30


confusion on my folderstructure and I want to clean things up.

I have in the 200Xs bought the SE1 on DVDs

Later I updated on all 4 and the Plus Libaries - all via Downloads.

Now there are 2 different Folders ( on C:\ and E:\ ) and I wonder if I can delete one of them:

C:\ .... \Vienna\Libary\100SpecialEdition ___ (got 56 GB of DAT Files called "SpecialEdition022.dat" and so on)

E:\ ... \ ViennaInstruments ___ with a clear 4 folderstructure like SE1 Plus / SE2 / SE3 / SE4

=> can I delete the 101 Folder? The Point is that on my E path - there is no SE1 folder (just SE1Plus)
 => the SE2 Plus folders are inside de SE2 folder.
 => may the missing SE1 folder is equal to the 100SpecialEdition folder and therefore shall NOT be deleted?

I hope that my question is clear and not confusing. :)

Posted on Wed, Jan 20 2021 12:08
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12467

Hi Fastel, 

Your 100 Special Edition folder is the original DVD version.

My suggestion: 

1) I'd add the VI Special Edition Volume 1 Download on your E: drive (should be 27 GB, scroll down).

2) REMOVE the 100 Special Edition Folder from the Directory Manager

3) If everything you need is available, you can safely delete the 100 Special Edition folder. 


One other thing I'd suggest to think about: SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions... with more instruments, an improved sample player and a more balanced sound out of the box. Crossgrade prices for each volume are really affordable. 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Thu, Jan 21 2021 07:44
by Fastel
Joined on Wed, Nov 19 2008, Posts 30

Hi Paul and thanks,

I downloaded and installed.

One more things because of my SpringCleaning ambition:

In the Start-Menu I got two folders

1) Vienna Instruments (includes .exe of Directory Manager/ Libary Installer / Vienna Ensemble / Vienna Ensemble Service / Vienna Instruments

2) Vienna Instruments Pro (includes .exe of Directory Manager / Lobary Installer / Vienna Instruments Pro (Standalone)

=> I'm wondering if I got some doubling there. I just use VSL SE 1-4 Plus and the Vienna Instruments Pro 2 Player. Is there outdated stuff?
=> I have two entries in the Systemcontrol/Software Part of my Windows:

Maybe I can de-install something and then re download the latest version of VI Pro 2 and the Directory Manager without affecting the installed libaries?

On the "My products" page - I dont seem to own the "SE 1" (bought it on DVD in the 2000s) - just from the SE 1 Plus to SE 4.
On the "My Download" page I can Dowload and install the SE 1. Seems to be not really a problem but confuses me a little bit.

Thanks for your help.

Posted on Thu, Jan 21 2021 10:46
by Fastel
Joined on Wed, Nov 19 2008, Posts 30

Edit: to enter my SE1 Serial (boxed) in the "MyProducts" section will not add it to the list. It says that it is already registered.

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