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MacPro_Audio interface_Your Choice?
Last post Thu, Jan 17 2008 by Revson, 9 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Jan 13 2008 23:24
by dsstudio
Joined on Sat, Jan 22 2005, California USA, Posts 131


I am using G5 with RME9652/Apogee Rosetta800

Just ordered MacPro 8Core/2.8Mhz with 8800 Video Card, can't wait. 1 thing I really confuse for my future setup is the audio interface.

So please list your choice here with [if possible] latency, VSL track count, Firewire? PCIe? Brand, price, etc...

The many info, the better! Please... I think many other users will need to know too.

Please share your experience.

Note: please narrow the list down only for MacPro/PCIe/Firewire only [no USB] and a real life experience [Not "I heard"]

Thank you !


Posted on Mon, Jan 14 2008 04:45
by Revson
Joined on Sun, Mar 18 2007, Posts 42
Well geez man you've already got the Rosetta 800; get the two Symphony cards (PCIe and the small card for the Rosetta) and be done with it. No metrics for you, but I replaced my last Firewire interface (Ensemble) with the Symphony/Rosetta and haven't looked back. Rock solid (not a single snap, crackle, pop in 6 months) under full template loads, ridiculously low latency. Just do it - unless you enjoy shopping and fussing about. ;)
Posted on Mon, Jan 14 2008 05:38
by dsstudio
Joined on Sat, Jan 22 2005, California USA, Posts 131

Yes, That's what I am thinking about, But...

I'll really miss the extra 16 ADAT optical I/O [I use these port to connect with external PC computer with Giga, Vstack etc]

So that's why I ask to see if there are any other options?

Of course, performance will be top priority and  Symphony card looks like the best option.

Johnny, In logic, what's your latency setting? Can the symphony perform well at 128 with about 30-40 mixed instrument tracks?



Posted on Mon, Jan 14 2008 14:23
by Revson
Joined on Sun, Mar 18 2007, Posts 42
Hey Sonny,
I see what you mean, I too would like better digital i/o options from Apogee. Though if you're getting an 8-core, especially one of the new ones, I'd look seriously at the option of converting your Giga stuff to EXS24 and just going with a single machine. And really, with Apogee in bed with Apple on this thing, I'd let the tail wag the dog on your set-up a little bit just for the anticipated stability and performance.

To be honest I haven't used 128, by habit I'm at 256 unless tracking something critical where I'll use 64 or 32. I have had 50 or so VI's streaming (mostly Vienna but some others) at 256, so I should think 30 at 128 with a new 8-core quite doable.
Posted on Tue, Jan 15 2008 01:53
by dsstudio
Joined on Sat, Jan 22 2005, California USA, Posts 131

Thanks for your input,

I haven't do much research lately since I am still using G5 with PCIx, I work 12 hours a day and can't affort to have an unreliable setup.

My Protools HD in A room is very happy with Aurora 16, I just wish that Lynx come out with PCIe system to pair up with Aurora 16, sound good, cost effective and reliable. Roumor said that Lynx will have PCIe 16 AES/EBU this NAMM, I guess I'll wait few more days to know... My place is just about 10 Min to NAMM

RME will come out with PCIe MADI too, anybody using their old MADI system?


Posted on Wed, Jan 16 2008 04:14
by Nick Batzdorf
Joined on Tue, Apr 29 2003, Los Angeles, Posts 2546
Johnny, have you actually compared the Symphony card to another PCIe card on the same Mac? I'm curious whether Apogee's software really is so much better than anyone else's. That doesn't mean I'm saying it isn't, just that I'm curious.

I do know that their FireWire software isn't ahead of the industry. It's okay, but Metric Halo's and RME's is better - they have a loopback mode and their meters are fast enough to be useful.

Apogee's stuff sure sounds good, though...
Mac Pro 5,1 12-core 3.46 GHz, 64MB RAM, latest macOS available. Metric Halo 2882 interface.

VisionDAW Windows 7 Pro i7 950 3.07 4-core, 24GB RAM. Has an RME Hammerfall HDSP9632, but I just use VE Pro. Also several ancient P4 XP slaves, rarely used.
Posted on Wed, Jan 16 2008 10:38
by Revson
Joined on Sun, Mar 18 2007, Posts 42
Nick, haven't compared to RME's...isn't that the only PCIe alternative? I did hear last year Lynx were working on a card, maybe that's out. Anyway, no, haven't. Just my data point I guess: Symphony on my 8-core works swell. I guess I'm just so stoked to be back on a PCI-anything.

I'm a big fan of engineers working with each other directly as much as possible, rather than relyting primarily on intermediary standards and protocols (like Firewire). Apogee's developing solely for the Mac, They're in SoCal, Apple's a 50 minute flight up here to Cupertino. I like this the same way I like Digi's set-up developing HD (and Apple with the Mac, come to think of it). Doesn't mean it will work better, but its a healthy arrangement that encourages good results.
Posted on Wed, Jan 16 2008 21:58
by dsstudio
Joined on Sat, Jan 22 2005, California USA, Posts 131

I think this is what I am looking for:


Plus the Aurora 16, I can have 16CH with AES/EBU format [more professional and compatible with Protools]

Plus, My friend is a Lynx dealer, so I can get it at about 30-40% off

Posted on Thu, Jan 17 2008 00:25
by Revson
Joined on Sun, Mar 18 2007, Posts 42
Cool. I had good experience with Lynx when I had their card a couple years ago.
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