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Posted on Thu, Jan 31 2008 17:15
by Lynne Moquin
Joined on Tue, May 24 2005, Toronto Suburbs, Posts 14

 Help !! The engineer wanted a tempo map like digital performer can create, in order to jump to a frame or smpte number easily.

They acted like tempo map is common and essential.

but no one I've talked to uses it, or knows what to do.

The elements to be saved would be the various tempos and meters, that's it.

Or can you save those together with the smpte numbers if the QT is in your logic document ?

this is what i did :

 In Logic,
 -saved my document under a new name (used the smpte numbers in the window of the mini QT I used in logic, as they were 2 bars prior to frame 1/start of music)
 -deleted all tracks except an instr one
 -put in a bar of some wood blockish sound and extended it to end of the music
 -kept that instr selected
 -stretched the green bar at top from beginning to end of music
 -file, export as midi

Is this anything like the DP tempo map ?

Thanks !! Lynne 

Lynne Moquin
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