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Space Designer thoughts for VSL strings
Last post Tue, Mar 24 2009 by cgernaey, 3 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Mar 23 2009 08:34
by serialmusique
Joined on Thu, Jun 08 2006, Santa Monica California, Posts 22

I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for Space Designer presets for VSL strings.

Currently, my template consists of a quintet of the Solo Strings and a quintet of Orchestral Strings (second violins being Chamber Strings).

At the moment, I just have a Medium Hall preset from Space Designer on the whole bus. I've heard of layering different reverbs and even using different reverbs for solo strings vs orchestral strings. However, everything is sounding like mud when I try this. Especially when I add in the East West Brass that I like. I don't want to buy Altiverb at this stage with the MIR release eminent. 

Any ideas?

Thanks all!Yes

Posted on Tue, Mar 24 2009 11:34
by jammusique
Joined on Wed, Aug 04 2004, Paris, France, Posts 258

Good question. I don't have an answer but am wondering if maybe using a smaller room for more upfront sounds and maybe a little larger room for stuff farther back might be a unperfect quick fix. On a sidenote, a new version a Logic is surely on the way and I wouldn't be suprised if a new version a Spacedesigner with stage placements would be included? Here's to hoping........

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Posted on Tue, Mar 24 2009 12:59
by cgernaey
Joined on Mon, Apr 04 2005, Detroit-Michigan, Posts 1028

 I struggle some with this as well.  I can get mediocre results with basic stuff and IR's in Sound Designer but I really am sure I can get better results.  Problem is time is spread so thing that I haven't had the proper time to really sit down and learn SD'r to the extreme.  I have also seen some amazing IR's available for SD'r but they are so expensive that you can practically buy Altiverb for the same cost.  And I know that Vienna has one coming as well that's rumor'd to be in the vienna suite.  Problem with that again is I would only be able to afford to either buy the plug-ins, or another set of instruments.  Not both.

I tell you what would really help is a user matrix area.  A dedicated place where we can all upload our Vienna settings files to help people.  Because I would love to try to get some settings from some of the demo's and or tutorials but none of them are using VE3 network setup so my macbookpro can't handle loading any of them.  They simply overpower my laptop trying to load all those instruments locally as compared to on my VE3 64-bit machine.  I have read over time that this idea of a user file share area is been thought about but I am actually quite shocked it's taking so long to have one up.  I can't even begin to tell you how much having the ability to learn from Guy and other people through some of their settings files would help me, as well as motivate me.  I work 2 jobs so I don't have the amount of time to spend on this as others do and would benefit hugely from their knowledge.

If you do end up getting good results or help on this be sure to let us know because I have to decide on whether to buy more instruments, or a reverb.  And with the right information SD'r probably would suffice for what I am doing for now and would allow me to buy more instruments under the current promotion.


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