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Posted on Mon, Jul 13 2009 05:43
by Bross
Joined on Mon, Jul 06 2009, Ojai California USA, Posts 13
I am stupid, and won a emmey with others for syth orchestrations, composing and have worked on over 690 TV episodes.
I have all the librarys but his one and decided to purchase the Appsionata strings, harps, and percusssion. With of course the actual articulations you need to compose sold under the auspice of "Exstended". I emptied my wallat, installed all on my new 32gb 6 TB raid Mac Pro Nahalem.
Followed the videos, and all but I am confused!!!!.

In my 30 years working with every company like EMU, Kurzweil, Fairlight, Synclavier,Korg, Roldand MOTU, Steinberg, stc.
I have never come accross a problem like trying to assign Multiple instruments with a midi playback channel within the VST plugin. I do see the tear down in Logic and DP etc. but the VSL plugin.... It lets me add layers and edit performances, and cool things. But How do i add Vi 1, Vi2, Va, 1 Va2, Vc 1 Vc2, DB1
Flute 1, Flute 2 Cl 1 and CL2 and Oboe horns trmpts etc in this vst to ultiple MIDI channels That way I can just compose music not keep opening another instace of 20,000 VSL's all ove my screen to get a flut,oboe, bassoon, cl and ehorn..

I know it is me after my 30 plus years doing the industry standard so could one of you explain how to go to MIDI channel 2-16 in my VSL instrument plugin and see all the 16 midi channels and how to assign vienna instruemnts patches in the orchestra to them so I can use the product? OI just want to do like Eastwest, or MAch5, or Kontackt and assign a patch to a midi channel stuff people could do with a Mac Plus and Performer 3.2 with a midi Timepiece and a moog. (I heard you can by network software so you can hook up more computers to run more instruments but is that how this magic is preformed? Do i need to muli-track each and every instrument so it is on HD as Audio then load another instrument in MIDI channel 1 etc?

I am trying to do somthing simple like a motion picture trailer and like the sounds of Vienna, but lost with all the explanations on how to do nothing but somthing.

Either I have just been sold a joke or do I have to purchase the "Exstended VSL" to get Multiple Midi channels in a VST plugin? HA I am frustrated as the manuals all teach me how to do all the things i have been doinng for 30+ Years, or do i have to open a new VSL instance for each instrument i want? Is there a software or plugin that lets me load my orchestra up with different midi channels like the entire music industry uses in MOTU, Cubase5? Nuendo? Logic Pro?.

Please help me as I have spent all this money but only found out i got a VW with mag wheels not a Porche for the money. I have looked at the downloads section and found somthing called an ensemble? is this needed to actually load all the orchestra template? or is it because the software for the Plugin is so outdated it can only handle one instruemnt per instance? My God will that eat up my resources up fast. Good thing i just started with a peice of the Orchestra.

Allso Why does the demos for the particular downloads of instruments include instruments that are not in the actual library youa re purchasing? Where can I find a Strings demos of all the Vienna string sections, with ther demo only using the strings, not Fhorns, timps, and Cl doubled to make the mids come out?

Dazed an confused and working on a article for Keyboard Mag, and review on all these librarys that needs to get some real feedback and help.

Kind Reagrds,
Posted on Mon, Jul 13 2009 06:01
by jayvr
Joined on Tue, Dec 11 2007, Sao Paulo - Brazil, Posts 36
Bross wrote:
t can only handle one instruemnt per instance? My God will that eat up my resources up fast.

Use VIenna Ensemble 3 . You can load various instruments in one VE3 . Need more?

Open another VE3 instance and load another set of instruments.

I am using VE3 on one PC slaved to my Mac G5. Working very well.

Try it!


Producer, Arranger, Piano and Keyboards.
Computer: Mac Mini, 16 gig Ram / Slaved Pc Quad Core 2 , 4 Gig Ram , 2 Internal Sata HD
Posted on Mon, Jul 13 2009 06:07
by Bross
Joined on Mon, Jul 06 2009, Ojai California USA, Posts 13
Thank you.
So then the VST that shows up in your Seq Software with 16 midi channels and the VSL is not multitimberal it is for one insturment.
Ensemble allows 3 instruments to be loaded with 3 midi channels. Then I open up 5 ensemble 3's to get 15 instruments/15 midi channels?

Thank you again.
Not so confused now... just baffled of why Vienna is not with the industry standard yet.. and dissapointed that such a high priced item they could not bother to pinch a dime to get some good code.

Kind Regards,
Posted on Mon, Jul 13 2009 07:42
by mosso
Joined on Thu, Jun 23 2005, London, England, Posts 376

Right, some basics;

The Vienna Instruments plugin is like the EXS 24. You can load lots or articulations but it's only one MIDI channel.

The Vienna Ensemble plugin is a multi-timbral version of the Vienna Instruments plugin. You can use up to 16 MIDI channels. Vienna Ensemble 2 is free and is for use where the samples are on the same computer as the sequencer. Vienna Ensemble 3 is the cross-network solution and you have to pay for it. From the sounds of it you need Vienna Ensemble 2.

When you first open Vienna Ensemble you'll see the Vienna Instruments interface, and next to the left of that, a column with 'Master Bus' and 'Instrument 1' in it. With Instrument 1 selected look at the top of the window - you'll see a box saying MIDI In: ------ Omni ------ and another one saying Channel: 1. So this instrument will respond to MIDI channel 1. To create an instrument that responds to MIDI channel 2 click on the box in the VE interface that says 'Insert Instrument'. A new object will appear in the column called 'Instrument 2'. Click on it. The MIDI channel for this one should automatically be set to 2 but if it's not just click on the box and select it from the drop down list.

Now take a deep breath, and relax...

Martin Thornton
<a href="http://www.mosso.co.uk/" target="_blank">www.mosso.co.uk</a>
Posted on Mon, Jul 13 2009 08:22
by DG
Joined on Wed, May 12 2004, Posts 8608

Yikes. I can't read all that. I think that you need to investigate Vienna Ensemble. This allows 16 MIDI channels per instance.


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