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Best setup approach for new system
Last post Sun, Jan 03 2010 by rufheil, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Jan 03 2010 21:18
by rufheil
Joined on Sun, Jan 25 2004, Posts 2

I've made the leap to a MacPro 8 core  which will be running EWSO, Chris Hein Horns, Omnisphere, Trillion, QL pianos and Gypsy. I would like to keep using my Mac G5 Power PC duo processor which has a UAD -1 card in it. It is also running Digital Performer 4.5 and several virtual instruments and I link to a PC through my MOTU interfaces to run Gigastudio which has the first edition/pro on it. Because I would like to use the UAD-1 card which is PCI and not PCIe and the fact that the system as it stands now without the 8 core and new libraries works well for me.  Would it make sense to buy VEPro and use the new 8 core as a slave only while continuing to use my old G5 as my DAW machine?  It seems to me if I can do this I could take full advantage of VEPro than if I ran it on the G5 which is not an Intel processor.  If this seems a viable option I'm still confused about the VEPro interface.  Do I have to have a keyboard and screen hooked up to my slave or can I run it headless and be able to set up and edit my plugins from the DAW G5 machine? Any input would be helpful.


Richard Ufheil

Posted on Sun, Jan 03 2010 22:06
by Karel
Joined on Mon, Jan 19 2009, Belgium, Posts 2173
That seems like a very viable option to me. You either need a keyboard and monitor to setup the server instances or you could connect to the server with a remote desktop connection (VNC).
Karel Bassez
Software Engineer
Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Jan 03 2010 22:49
by rufheil
Joined on Sun, Jan 25 2004, Posts 2

Thanks for the input.  However I see that VEPro does not support the PLAY engine and several of the new libraries I'll be using will need to be hosted thru my DAW which in order to be 64 bit will need to run on the 8 core.  Looks like the options are limited for utilizing the old non Intel G5. Unless somebody has some other solutions.

Richard Ufheil

rufheil [at] hotmail [dot] com

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