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Posted on Wed, Mar 24 2010 23:09
by dt2080
Joined on Sun, Jun 08 2003, Northampton UK, Posts 214

OK, so I'm a simpleton...

I like simple language, i don't let students talk in long words - for me I need to understand at a basic level the advantages of something.

I've been using VSL software for a long time now and I absolutely love it. I just can't quite get my head around the advantage of using VE Pro if i am on a one machine setup.

I've just bought an imac i7 with 16 gig of RAM.

It's beautiful and I'm really looking forward to using it in logic 9. I completely get that I could do what some users are saying and have one instantiation of VE Pro for Strings, one for different instrumental groups, but what's the advantage to me putting other virtual instruments inside it compared to instantiations inside logic itself?

Is it purely the decouple feature - which is great by the way, but is that the only advantage? Or is there a mixing advantage or workflow advantage that I am missing? It's just that I'm so deeply into basics of workflow that I can't seem to find how this will improve things for me, and before I tell all my students to go and buy this software I want to be a 100% convert.

So... could somebody "sell" it to me for the 1 machine user? And if you could use basic language that both I and my students will definitlely understand it would mean more sales for sure!

Thanks to the team - Love the stuff but need to understand it better!

David T


David Tobin
Posted on Thu, Mar 25 2010 00:21
by herb
Joined on Mon, Aug 05 2002, Posts 4622

 Hi David,

for my workflow the possibility to load all instruments outside my sequenzing host is essential.

My computer has 48 GB Ram and my template is around 40 GB of sample data.

Reloading everything by switching projects is a no go for me.

Maybe with 16 GB this is not such an issue.

Another point is performance. I'm no Logic user, but as far as I know Logic does not spread properly the CPU usage when you have loaded a lot VSTis. I'm sure experienced Logic users can give you more detailed informations regarding this issue.



Posted on Thu, Mar 25 2010 00:48
by dt2080
Joined on Sun, Jun 08 2003, Northampton UK, Posts 214

That's really interesting Herb. Does that mean that VE distributes data amongst the cores more evenly than logic itself would do? That would make a big difference... Can any logic users confirm this?
Best wishes

David Tobin
Posted on Thu, Mar 25 2010 01:47
by chemicalseb
Joined on Sat, May 08 2004, Los Angeles, Posts 112

Hey David,

I agree with Herb on this. My template is about 10 gigs big and having to reload entire projects would be a major hassle. One thing however, is that I do not use VEpro to load my entire template. I thought about spending the money on it but on a one machine setup, using the VE2 (which is free) is perfect.

Back when I was trying to find a way to use multiple instances of VE2 (standalone) with Logic, I found a program called Jackpilot (which is free and now 64bit compatible). With Jackpilot you can route any audio from any program to any other program. So in my setup I have jackpilot running in the background, Logic opened, and 3 instances of VE2 opened. In Jackpilot I route all my audio outs from each VE2 instance to inputs in Logic.  To connect the midi from Logic to the multiple instances of VE2, I use apple's IAC busses (which you can activate in MacOS's Audio Midi Preferences), they're basically virtual midi channels. I know that you wanted a simple explanation but with this setup I've been able to run everything smoothly without having to spend money on VEpro.

This way I never have to worry about disconnecting VEpro from Logic or anything like that when I switch logic projects. Logic is fully separated from any instance of VE2 and if one crashes, it does not affect the other. The only thing that would compromise this would be if Jackpilot crashed, but that has NEVER happened to me before.

The one great thing about VEpro is that it's 64bit, which means that I could load my entire template in once instance of VEpro. And even then, I would still use Jackpilot and route the audio from VEpro to logic, as I do not want Logic to be connected to VEpro via an Audio Instrument plugin. Also with VE2, you can't load other virtual instruments like Kontakt. But I'd just load those in Logic anyway. 

However, if I was to use multiple computers, I would definitely get VEpro.

Sorry for the technical stuff,

Hope this helps


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