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Why do I keep losing AUX inputs in DP7?
Last post Fri, Oct 08 2010 by Rob Kral, 1 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Oct 08 2010 21:56
by Rob Kral
Joined on Thu, Nov 13 2003, Los Angeles, Posts 68


Using VEPro (latest versions downloaded and installed) and DP7.2 on a Mac 8-core, VEPro is on a 2nd Mac 8-core.

Since upgrading recently to the latest versions of VEPro (on both machines, updated VEPro and Vienna Instruments) I keep losing my Aux in assignments in DP that are connected to VEPro. Please note I have been using VEPro since its release. This issue started since using the latest update (my previous version was quite old, before the decouple feature was released).

I can't nail down what I'm doing wrong. THe most obvious example is that last night I worked ona DP file, I have both 64bit and 32 bit servers running. The 64 bit has 3 instances and the 32 bit has 9 instances in the metaframe. Usually I can close and save the DP file, return the next day, open it and continue working (the machines do not get shut down, and VEPro always stays up). Today, again, in DP all of my aux tracks connected to VEPro instances are italicized, meaning no longer available. I click on it, and can select "create new stereo bundle" and choose from a list and re-create the VEpro coming in. But it seems I have to now do this almost every time I open a file. I'm not quite sure but last night I did test it and created this new file, opening and closing and it was fine, but not today, it has lost SOME of the aux ins.

So at the moment I typically now have to always recreate the aux ins (12 of them) every time I re-open a DP file. 

I had been wondering perhaps along the way I've added an instrument or two to the metaframe and I'm not going through the procedure of saving etc correctly to keep everything updated. I usualy work by creating a DP file for the first cue of a TV show with a template etc, but might add an instrument or two along the way half way into the show. I'm fairly certain when I've done this before this update I haven't had problems. I would save the new metaframe and didn't seem to have issues.

But this latest example from last night, I did not change anything since closing it (and re-opening and closing to tesst last night) and now today the auxes have gone.

Please, any suggestions? I must admit I do get confused by VEPro and what you need to do or not do regarding my usual workflow which is as follows:

Start VEPro machine, start 32/64 servers, load the shows metaframe for each

Start DP7 machine, open first file for the show, compose, save close.

Copy first file for show, rename to 2nd file (1m2), open, delete contents, compose 1m2, save and close.

And so on, done this many many times

Sometimes I've had to add an instrument or several, and in the past what I've done in that case is I save the metaframe (on the VEPro machine) with a new name., Then saved the DP file. I don't recall having issues with this.

Any ideas why I'm losing auxes?

Any suggestions for workflow given my usual workflow above (something I've been doing for 15 years, including ever since VEPro came out).

Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks.

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