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Cool way to analyze scores
Last post Wed, Jan 19 2011 by hasen_24, 5 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Dec 09 2010 16:43
by BadOrange
Joined on Tue, Nov 23 2010, Quebec, Posts 60
Despite being finished school . I still spend about an hour a day going over scores and because i've my messy nature, I've been using photoshop as a means to notate the music. What is great is that you can add chord names, highlight lines of different shades depending on whether you want to highlight the doubling or the melody, you can circle the leading tone or a non chord tone. It actually goes pretty quick once you get used to it. Now I can have the analysis on my computer and have my scores unscathed. Also do a formal analysis at the end that sort of goes over the form and motives used.

Here is an older one I did which I happened to have on photobucket. It is a neat way to work. Also , with the formal analysis, I import the track into logic and use the scissors to cut the audio file to sort of get an overall view of the form and of course you can hear what you are reading which is rather important. I started doing this about a year ago this way and although I'm still devising a colour scheme, it has been incredibly useful.

Posted on Fri, Dec 24 2010 07:54
by veetguitar
Joined on Mon, Dec 23 2002, Posts 168

Could you explain how exactly you can do that?

I have a lot of pdf scores and always wished that I could add notes, marks etc. to it.

Is it possible to import pdf to photo shop and work on it like this?

website: veetguitar.de
Posted on Fri, Dec 24 2010 11:35
by Pusteblumi
Joined on Tue, Nov 04 2008, Graben-Neudorf, Posts 29

The easiest way I know is to use a software that allows to directly annotate PDFs. I already worked with this one:


This is a free version of a commercial software. Features are limited, but absolutely sufficient for this purpose.

I'm sure there are many similar products out there.

Posted on Mon, Dec 27 2010 08:45
by BadOrange
Joined on Tue, Nov 23 2010, Quebec, Posts 60

Once you learn the key commands , it is extremely quick. Much faster than without a computer. It does take a bit of practice. Also , you need a font to annotate the chords but if you have sibelius, just use the roman chord font. ANd , yes , just import into photoshop. That is what I do.
Posted on Wed, Jan 19 2011 06:53
by hasen_24
Joined on Wed, Dec 18 2002, Posts 3

Yes you can import PDFs straight into Photoshop. It'd be best to put all your scribblings on another layer so they can easily be erased and altered without affecting the original score image. Also that way, even your scores on your computer won't get messy since you can just disable the layer and revert back to clean state.

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