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Ponticello samples in Chamber Strings I and II
Last post Mon, Jul 31 2017 by MMKA, 7 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Feb 06 2011 12:13
by basso
Joined on Sat, Mar 01 2008, Buxted, East Sussex, UK, Posts 76

Why are there no ponticello samples for the Chamber strings 1 or 2 dvd collection? I have to use the orchestral strings if I want this effect , which seems strange.

Posted on Sun, Feb 06 2011 14:45
by fritzflotow
Joined on Mon, Apr 23 2007, Posts 327

Yes, they are only available in Orchestral Stings and Solo Stings.

Posted on Sun, Jul 30 2017 07:48
by PaoloT
Joined on Tue, Dec 27 2016, Posts 1298
I had to discover that this articulation is missing from Chamber Orchestra, when I was needing it. I wonder why it was left out. What do others do to replace it? Both Orchestra and Solo sul ponticello sound very different than the regular Chamber articulations.

Posted on Sun, Jul 30 2017 13:52
by AlexanderEbel
Joined on Sat, Jan 07 2012, Posts 24

This is one of my biggest griefs about VSL Samples.

While I haven't found a more complete Articulation Set for WWs and Brass, the Strings are lacking in this regard. 

I keep crossing my fingers for a Dimension Strings III with Sul Pont, Sul Tasto, Flautando and other techniques which would make this library even more extraordinary.

I also have hopes for the Synchron Strings since the Percussion has lots of effects too. 

Since then I will have to mix with some British Strings libraries...

Posted on Sun, Jul 30 2017 14:45
by PaoloT
Joined on Tue, Dec 27 2016, Posts 1298

Hi Alexander, the Dimension sul ponticello would not match the Chamber Strings sound, so the old library will remain without this fundamental articulation!

I really hope they have some sample left out somewhere, to be released as a "basic" sul ponticello (and maybe sul tasto) articulation, just to complete the library. Sul ponticello, tremolo sul ponticello, harmonics sul ponticello, and tremolo harmonics sul ponticello would really be a much needed addition.

In the meantime I will purchase another library from a third party developer. Judging from the demos, it should be compatible with VLS's one, but it is some hassle more when programming, and not a perfect match. (And, alas, more money gone…)

Still, I wonder if this articulation can be simulated with some other existing VSL library. I think Solo Strings would produce phasing when overlapping instruments, and the Orchestral Strings is really too big, with a much less intimate sound.


Posted on Sun, Jul 30 2017 21:02
by PaoloT
Joined on Tue, Dec 27 2016, Posts 1298

Maybe I found sort of a surrogate for the missing sul ponticello Chamber Strings.

- Start from an ordinario Chamber Strings instrument.
- Put it into Slot 1.
- Load into Slot 2 the sul ponticello version of the same Solo Strings instrument.
- Mix them. I find a good balance in leaving Slot 2 to -0dB, and Slot 1 to about -8.8dB.

The results seem quite convincing.


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Posted on Mon, Jul 31 2017 14:16
Joined on Tue, May 22 2012, Posts 465

Indeed, convincing!

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