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Feature request: VST EXpression v2
Last post Mon, Apr 04 2011 by HFI, 6 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Mar 05 2011 03:09
by popmann
Joined on Mon, Apr 23 2007, Nashville, TN, Posts 131

Steinberg has done a pretty cool thing with the VSTEXpression v2 in C6--giving the ability for controllers (and articulations) to be mapped to individual notes rather than being chord based. 

How hard is that to implement on the instrument end? Their built in sounds are really just good enough to wet the imagination of what that power would sound like with great samples. Cool

I am currently in my 30 day trial of VIpro...if it supported this function, that would seal the deal for me buying it.

Posted on Sat, Mar 05 2011 07:50
by dorremifasol
Joined on Fri, Oct 22 2010, Barcelona, Posts 59


VST Expression 2 would be nice. Looks like if it was designed for vienna instruments.

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Posted on Sat, Mar 05 2011 13:30
by andyjh
Joined on Wed, Dec 15 2010, Posts 600

I assume it is the NOTE EXPRESSION  part of VST expression being referred to here. I reckon this is not that easy to achieve, as this is working beyond what the MIDI spec can cope with, so it's a new MIDI spec, which I think is long overdue, but I can't believe it is going to be that easy to implement.

Despite the concept sounding useful, I don't think it is of much use within the VSL library, orchestral instruments are mainly monophonic, so there is usually only one note per track anyway, I know that the brass section can split and play a chord, but do you want each note of the harmony changing different to each other? Probably not, a brass swell needs all players to do the same - that was the whole point of Dimension brass, that all 4 players do the same dynamics as a homogeneous section. If I have a three part brass section, I still play them monophonically on three tracks, I believe this makes it just that little bit more believable, as playing chords produces a synchronisation between the notes that I don't think a real brass section quite achieve.

But I do think VST Note Expression  is a step forward, but when within a VSL library would it allow something to be achieved that cannot already be done?

Posted on Sat, Mar 05 2011 18:28
Joined on Sat, Sep 18 2010, Posts 499

I do not work for VSL but I wanted to add my two cents here. VI Pro is WELL worth the money. I honestly don't see any reason for not getting it now. I initially downloaded the demo, to be sure but after using it and watching all the videos on VI PRO on the website, it was set it stone for me.

- Polyphonic legato didn't seem like a big deal to me at first... try loading your strings in the regular vienna instruments and play lush legato and you'll realize how big a deal it really is. (There are lot's of little things like this that really aren't little, but once I did it with VI pro, I can't go back to not having them.)

- Humanize and auto voicing are just brilliant

- My "3rd reason" as I usually explain this to everyone I know. GET THE NEW! When new bug fixes are added and new features, if you stick with the old program you aren't going to see those changes. If you plan on using any of your tools long-term, whether VSL or not, it only makes sense to upgrade when the bigger changes like VI Pro come out. If you don't, when VI PRO 2 (or whatever) comes out you will be two steps behind. Your learning curve will be steaper and as we all know too well, time is money.

I am a Cubase fanatic. I love VST expression but VI Pro is a bigger deal to me personally.

This was my mentality, hopefully it may help you or anyone else. VI Pro has saved me loads of time. I could never go back.


Posted on Tue, Mar 08 2011 06:10
by popmann
Joined on Mon, Apr 23 2007, Nashville, TN, Posts 131

Yes, note expression is the crux of it.

VIPro is nice. But, not going to get me from point A to B quicker. All of those feautres like the humanization of tuning are the reason they need note expression. Play a chord--have it randomize each note's tuning approach. 

LASS's divisi rules are the right direction. Play like keyboard. Sound like strings. We've gotten too far from that now, I think. If I take a random MIDI file point it at LASS, VSL's Chamber VI, and East West's PLAY...PLAY and LASS sound more liek a string section. VSL takes hours (sometimes days) of (re) programming--and then it sounds better than either...but, in my world of pop tunes? Ehh...more quickly "playable" is king. And VI Pro isn't really improving that for me. If I'm going to continue to use them, it's almost worth it for the reverb, though. :) 

Posted on Mon, Apr 04 2011 06:11
by HFI
Joined on Mon, Apr 04 2011, Posts 4
I'm also interested in this. The Note expression is a feature that is little talked about as of now, and not supported by anything other than Halion Sonic. If we stay within the range of classical music (standard repetoire, Bach, Byrd etc...) can we avoid the need for something like that?

The biggest concern would be the keyboards, do they use one voice per channel or one instrument per channel?
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