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No response from VSL support
Last post Mon, Nov 05 2012 by herb, 6 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Oct 24 2012 17:17
by Michael C.
Joined on Thu, Jun 26 2003, Minneapolis, MN, USA, Posts 469

I wrote to VSL support a few days ago to clear-up this whole Vienna Key issue that has been talked about on this forum over the last week or so.  They have never responded.  This is odd to me.  VSL has always been VERY good about answering questions quickly.  This makes me rather suspicious about this whole Vienna Key issue.  Why are they so reluctant to answer questions about it?  I am writing again, this time to support and sales.

What I really do not understand is why if you have a key stolen or lost you would have to re-purchase everything you have already bought from VSL!!!!!!!!!!!  They make you register everything you buy on their webpage as part of getting the licence, SO is that NOT proof that you purchased it?  How is this even legal?  They actaully say this on the webpage:

"You don’t need to register any Serial Numbers in cases you have received an email with Activation Codes.

These products, whether bought at the
Vienna Symphonic Library webshop or at one of our Vienna Authorized
Dealers, are already assigned to your account and you just need to paste the Activation Code into the eLicenser Control Center to download your license(s)."

If this is true, it means they have proof of purchase!  In the last few years I have purchased $6,981.51 worth of VI software.  All of it is registered on the VI website under my User account.  How could I be re-charged this if someone stole my key?  It is incomprehensible to me.  By the way, prior to purchasing VI instrument as .VSTs, I probably bought $3,000 worth of samples in the old .gig format starting in about 2003.  I know those are protected and the licenses are not on the key, but my opoint is that over the past decade I have spent at least $10,000 buying VSL products.  I would expect to be treated a bit better and at least get some response to my questions about the best way to protect my investment.  Why the secrecy?


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Posted on Wed, Oct 24 2012 21:07
by cjthibeault
Joined on Fri, Mar 25 2011, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Posts 33

Hi Mike,

VSL seems to have this problem quite often, and often the answers they do give are unsatisfactory or vague (whether intentional or not). 

My gut feeling is that this might be a cultural and/or language thing. Perhaps they don't understand why people are getting upset. Maybe they think that this is perfectly normal? I don't know. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

I don't think it is malicious in intent, but I'll agree that it does make me nervous. 

Posted on Thu, Oct 25 2012 00:29
by cjthibeault
Joined on Fri, Mar 25 2011, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Posts 33

Well... they certainly seem prompt about moving threads from one forum to another :\

Posted on Fri, Nov 02 2012 10:51
by Arbee
Joined on Sun, Sep 18 2011, Posts 76

I've read this query several times here and on other forums. While I have no specific knowledge about this I suspect they take a very low key approach on this issue for one reason - they can respond on a case by case basis. In this way they can help out in obviously genuine cases while allowing them to refuse in suspicious circumstances (and yes they may not always make the right call, they're human and some folk are very cunning).

If they announce a policy loudly they are obliged to always respond the same way. This is just my opinion, but since they are so responsive on everything else it would make sense regarding this issue.

Posted on Mon, Nov 05 2012 20:17
by andyjh
Joined on Wed, Dec 15 2010, Posts 600

 The issue surrounding a faulty key does bother me also,  I don't think a user should be charged for replacing licences in a faulty key - other than having to buy a new key perhaps.

But a stolen/lost key is a different matter, and is a bad example to use for wanting VSL to state a policy.

If your key is stolen, then the product still exists and can be used by who ever has the key. But to liken it the hardware world, if you bought a new synth for example, and it got stolen, you can prove to the manufacturer that you bought it, but they are not going to give you another one free of charge. But, if it went faulty under guarantee and it could not be repaired, then they would give you a new one.  It is exactly the same with VSL software,  a faulty key (with licences) should be replaced free, a stolen one is an insurance claim. 

You will probably find, you cannot insure against a faulty key (only a stolen one). 

I don't think VSL should be liable for a stolen key, but a faulty key is something else, and charging per license to reinstate is a bit much when you buy one product (Super Package) yet end up with dozens of individual licenses (about 44 actually).

But I think we can be sure of one thing - there will be no official statement from VSL.

Posted on Mon, Nov 05 2012 20:41
by herb
Joined on Mon, Aug 05 2002, Posts 4622

 There is a detailed response of our Sales Manager Stefan Steinbauer in this thread on page 2:


This thread here was just a double posting related to the same case.



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