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Reporting a VI Pro bug & a feature request
Last post Thu, Nov 01 2012 by SJSF, 4 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Nov 01 2012 01:37
Joined on Sat, Sep 18 2010, Posts 499

Dear Martin, George, or whomever it may concern...

The Bug-

While release samples are maintained after switching cells, they are cut off suddenly if the 2nd or 'oncoming' cell keyboard range does not cover the same range. I am using the Konzerthaus Organ with different ranges, but there are other instruments with long enough releases (just in case the Konzerthaus is considered a lost cause by VSL, lol). Either way, I'm sure this is unintended and it's worth noting.

The request-

Please please please add this!! Crying

Please consider allowing some form of 'multiple cells' or any feasible way to allow for multiple organ stops (like a real organ would do live). I know this has been requested and I know the voice limits in VI Pro wouldn't like it. But Hauptwerk can do it, why not VSL? It's not like I'm asking for a whole new Organ VST (though that would rock), but at least some form of doing this without a new instance per single 'articulation'. What a headache!

Would it be possible to increase the voice limit, allow all cells, and add an automatible "cell mute" button? I'm just trying to imagine the easiest way to accomplish this result. "Organ stops" functionality certainly is possible (as Hauptwerk does it). Are the VSL software greats not genius enough? j/k Wink



Posted on Thu, Nov 01 2012 02:19
by herb
Joined on Mon, Aug 05 2002, Posts 4622

 Hi iscorefilm,

are there indeed different keyboard ranges mapped for the organ?

As far as I can rmember all manual patches should cover the same range on the keyboard, and also all pedal patches.

Maybe A/B switch is messing up your setup. For manuals B switch transpose the range one octav up, and for pedals one octav down.

(Which enables to perform Manual and Pedal stops on one keyboard simultanuosly)

With the actual version of VI PRO you get the possibility to stack 16 patches in one cell. So you would need the possibility to design registrations using more than 16 different stops?

Also the actual VI PRO version enables more or less unlimited voice counts per instance. The limit is the power of your system, when you set the voice count to Maximum. If you don't have fast hardrives you should also set the Preload Buffer size to maximum (32768) when you plan to use extensive stacking of stops.

A tip: there is "dedicated Organ feature" on the advanced page/adanvced tab of VI PRO, it's called "Release sample Limit".

If you perform very fast trills, a lot of the same release samples will start running and more or less overlapping. The length of the release samples are approximate 3 seconds. With fast trills up to 100 release samples just for one key could be triggered. Stacking for example 16 patches will trigger up to 1000 and even more release samples per key. With this setting you can limit the amount of release sample triggered on the same key. A value between 5-10 should do the trick.



Posted on Thu, Nov 01 2012 03:51
Joined on Sat, Sep 18 2010, Posts 499


Thanks for the reply. Although, the problem isn't because of how it's setup. As far as I can tell, it's actually VI Pro. I attached a file to show you what I am talking about.

Here is the link to the VE frame file: http://sdrv.ms/Sy7WWQ

I actually force each slot to "A" by default (though tidious to do, I like keeping things consistent). While the Konzerthaus organ has multiple release samples for shorter notes, some of the lower notes on voices like Principal 16' aren't as effective in my opinion. I also am not entirely happy with the attack/release timing on several stops. With the midi capability of the organ, I'm sure VSL did things perfectly, but as accurate as it may be- it doesn't sound convincing to me. So I've been playing with the "edit" and "advanced" tab attack/release settings.

I changed the keyboard ranges myself and created a speed controller for the Y matrix axis. This way if I play lower notes faster, the lower notes will sustain slightly longer than played (just long enough to have a more present sound). At first, I had only one slot loaded in the first matrix cell (as you'll see in the top instance). This is where I found the problem. I found a "sollution" by adding similar slots (as you'll see in the 'my version' instance). But this only applies to this setup, the apparent problem in VI Pro still remains.


Posted on Thu, Nov 01 2012 04:02
Joined on Sat, Sep 18 2010, Posts 499


Sorry, I forgot to reply to the "organ stops" point.

The problem isn't as much designing registrations using more than 16 stops. It's that I want a dymanic setup. I originally created a template with all the single stops, then I started creating presets I liked. With the amazing subtly and vast flexibility of sound, I ended up filling up the entire Matrix but still didn't feel like this was as convenient of a compositional tool as it would be to have a proper "organ stops" interface.

My organ is on a SSD and I have 32GB of ram so I don't worry about release sample limits. I was just trying to imagine a way that would work for VSL to add a feature to allow organ stops properly. I read on another older post that the software design of a single Vienna Instruments instance couldn't handle that many samples at once. Perhaps that's wrong? Either way, I can obviously live with having different midi tracks and many many instances of VI Pro. It just seems to make more sense to have one organ, one VST (and a lot less inconvenient). The only way now is with a midi track per stop and an instance per stop. This causes a lot of Cubase clutter. Adding an "organ instrument" is easy. Adding a bunch of midi tracks, assigning them, etc. etc. is very tidious just to add one working instrument.



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