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Vienna Instruments Pro Feature request
Last post Thu, Jun 27 2013 by clruwe, 1 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Jun 27 2013 18:33
by clruwe
Joined on Sat, May 07 2011, Posts 100

An amazing feature, and probably quite easy to achieve, would be the ability of being able to set controller curves (in the Ctrl Map window) higher than 0 or smaller than 127.

For example: say I want to control both velocity XF and Expression with C11. In the current state of the software levels of 5 or less produce no sound (i.e. because XF and Expression both go down to 5 or 0). If the controller curve could be adjusted higher than 0 for Expression, so that when C11 is set to 0 XF will go down to the minimum but Expression will only go down to say 15. This is really easy to do in Kontakt, which makes me think that VI Pro should be able to do such a simple task.

The opposite would also be useful for say the saxophones. Where I try to never, ever use the maximum Velocity XF because I don't like the sound. Consequently, if I could adjust the controller curve of the Velocity XF to never exceed 96 and Expression to never go down below 16. Then I could control the saxophone with just C11 instead of having to use two controllers.

This feature would be particularly useful for those of us who mainly work on notation software. Not to mention a really easy way to set different dynamic curves for Dimension instruments.

Many thanks!

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