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Symphonic Composition Using all VSL
Last post Fri, Aug 16 2013 by thomamd, 14 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Jul 24 2013 21:19
by corte1
Joined on Sat, Oct 16 2010, Posts 85

Here is an original composition using all-VSL instruments that includes strings (appassionata, dimension violins and cellos), woodwinds (2 each of flutes, clarinets, oboes and bassoons), brass (dimension brass - 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones tuba) and percussion.


Corte Swearingen


Posted on Thu, Aug 01 2013 13:37
by hetoreyn
Joined on Sat, Nov 27 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia, Posts 1159

Jsut had a listen. Very nice arrangement, and your use of VSL is very good indeed. When the faster part kicks in that really shows how much work went into this.

Very nice, thanks for sharing this.


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Posted on Thu, Aug 01 2013 23:31
by Beat Kaufmann
Joined on Fri, Jan 03 2003, Switzerland/Brugg, Posts 1743

Hi Corte

Nice to meet you here (and you Hetoreyn as well of course).

- Nice composition

- Beautiful transposed with the samples

- Very nice mixed (absolutely to my taste)

That's music! Congratulation!!


www.musik-produktion-createc.ch (Konzertaufnahmen, Musik mit Samples)
at www.beat-kaufmann.com : MIXING an ORCHESTRA - TUTORIAL
Posted on Fri, Aug 02 2013 02:23
by corte1
Joined on Sat, Oct 16 2010, Posts 85

Thanks Beat & Hetoreyn,

Hetoryen - I used to listen to all your VSL podcasts and learned a lot from them, so thank you for your comments.

Beat - I used your orchestral templates and presets for all the mixing. The presets really made my life easier.

I'd also like to thank Guy Bacos for encouraging me a few years ago when I was first starting mockups and by providing some tips I still use to this day.


Posted on Sun, Aug 04 2013 08:01
by Raymond Robijns
Joined on Tue, Feb 26 2013, The Hague, Posts 130

Really beautiful. Nice to start the day with.



Posted on Sun, Aug 04 2013 17:34
by Guy Bacos
Joined on Sun, Jan 16 2005, Quebec, Canada, Posts 1995

Very nice! A beautiful blend of strings and WW, my fav sections in the piece. You've come a long way from the first compositions I've heard from you a few years ago. Keep it up! 

Posted on Sun, Aug 04 2013 19:16
by PaulR
Joined on Mon, Dec 22 2003, England, Posts 2371

I like it. It has that Aaron Copland Appalacian Spring feel about it. I like Americana music.

Posted on Tue, Aug 06 2013 08:22
by Fabio Biolcati
Joined on Tue, Aug 06 2013, Posts 198
Enjoyed bot the mistery and the beauty.
Fabio Biolcati
SE1 Bundle, SE2&3 Strings; Notion5; Tannoy Reveal 501a
Posted on Wed, Aug 07 2013 19:17
by kanon
Joined on Thu, Oct 07 2004, Scotland, Posts 91

Beautiful orchestral palette and superbly rendered.

Did you use MIR? Not at all intrusive just perfect. Very Copland.


Posted on Wed, Aug 07 2013 23:56
by corte1
Joined on Sat, Oct 16 2010, Posts 85

I appreciate everyone's comments - thanks.

Kanon - While I have MIR, I still just can't seem to get it to work well for me. By that, I simply mean I putter around with it and change setting after setting after setting, but still can't get the quality of sound I can get from the Vienna Suite (for my ears). For this piece, I just used the Vienna Suite and Beat Kaufmann's orchestral presets, which position all the instruments, apply the proper EQ, depth, compression and reverb. I didn't tweak Beat's presets at all - they were just perfect for this piece. It saved me a lot of time. They aren't that expensive and you can purchase them on his site (Just for the record, I have no affiliation with Beat - I just like his stuff).


Posted on Thu, Aug 08 2013 13:33
by Guy Bacos
Joined on Sun, Jan 16 2005, Quebec, Canada, Posts 1995

I did want to mention on little thing that bothered me, but I forgot while enjoying the rest. ;)

In the clar opening, you have a nice melodic passage, I noticed you were careful to have smooth attacks on each notes. I think it would sound more realistic if you vary a bit your attacks, even if on some notes the attack is sharper, as least keep it soft. It's the variety of the attacks that makes it sound real, and too much the same attack becomes a bit annoying. Hope that can be helpful.

Posted on Fri, Aug 09 2013 01:33
by corte1
Joined on Sat, Oct 16 2010, Posts 85

Hey Guy,

Yeah, I hear what you're saying. I'll work on varying the attacks a bit. I tend to use the same patch over and over again which can certainly get tiresome after a bit.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the suggestion!


Posted on Sun, Aug 11 2013 06:23
by GoranTch
Joined on Tue, Mar 14 2006, Berlin, Germany, Posts 524

Very good overall production work, the woodwinds especially shine here. Without wanting to be too critical (as this is almost always the hardest part to do with samples in a satisfying way), I would say that the weakest point are the strings, both in terms of sound and playing. 

Compositionally, my favorite is the fast middle section of the first part (the same Guy left his comment on on soundcloud), has a "kick" and a freshness to it I associate with similar sections in some Mahler symphonies (f.e. Scherzo and Finale of Nr.5).

Posted on Fri, Aug 16 2013 07:06
by thomamd
Joined on Sat, Jan 31 2009, Dundas, Ontario, Canada, Posts 207

I like it. My favorite section was the one Guy pointed to.

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