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Profoundly confused by MIR situation w/VE Pro
Last post Mon, Feb 24 2014 by andyjh, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Feb 23 2014 22:44
by soundsgoodtome
Joined on Tue, Aug 03 2010, Posts 12
I have multiple Macs that run different subsets of my software (including VEPro), as needed. Tomorrow I'm having mastered a song that was mixed about 9 months ago. But today I need to pull up that sequence and make some small tweaks.

That song had an extensive, orchestral setup in VEPro on Machine 2. So I fired it up, but I got various messages that MIR had expired, is no longer included with VEPro, and must be downloaded from the user area. But in the user area, I'm told that in fact there is no available download for MIR.

I've searched the site for an explanation for this, to no avail.

It *seems* MIR has now been spun off and is sold separately, and it seems the price is quite high. I'm not here to complain about pricing. But what I need to do -- in the next few hours -- is simply open the file that I created 9 months ago. But it seems I can't do so without PURCHASING MIR, which I never used much. But apparently (Murphy's law) I *did* use it in this project, because when I launch the metaframe, I get an error message, stating that the MIR plug-in could not be loaded.

This is a nightmare from hell.

There seem to be a number of variations of MIR -- the most economical of which is over $400 US (and up from there). I don't mind paying for software I'll use, but I didn't use MIR enough to drop $400+ just to recreate one session. Furthermore, it's impossible to determine (so far) which version of MIR was included in the VEPro package. (That is, which version of MIR is now required to recreate the former set-up.)

And again, this song, which requires tweaks -- is being mastered TOMORROW.

What is the fastest (and preferably cost-free) way for me to get back to last year's setup???
Posted on Mon, Feb 24 2014 01:24
by Richard Bowling
Joined on Thu, Dec 19 2002, Needville, TX, Posts 44

I don't believe that MIR has ever been sold as part of VE. Perhaps you demo'd it?

Posted on Mon, Feb 24 2014 01:31
by andyjh
Joined on Wed, Dec 15 2010, Posts 600

You could try downloading the demo of MIR Pro, or maybe MIR Pro 24,  although I believe there is limited room packs with the demo- but then again,  if you were running a demo in the first place,  the supplied room pack should still do it.

I am sure there is some small print about not being licensed to use a demo for commercial purposes,  but if you try MIR again,  you might convince yourself you do need to buy it

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