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Vienna Morph - Performance Enhancer Plugin (Unofficial)
Last post Wed, Sep 24 2014 by Pyre, 5 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Sep 06 2014 19:17
by Rolf_Music
Joined on Tue, Feb 05 2013, Posts 82

Vienna Morph

This is a custom plugin I created. I will share it with everyone free of charge when development is done.

Adaptive Instrument Profiles (AIP) :

Similar to MIR PRO you can select an instrument profile. The difference is the profiles are more noticable and you have more to choose from. You can also create custom profiles. Apart from that you can decide the pitch / keyboard range where the profile affects your instrument. 

You can also switch to dual or triple profile mode. This means that two or three profiles are active at the same time. You can decide which profile occupies which area of the keyboard.

At last, worth mentioning is that you can enable pitch detection on the profiles which means that they always stay relative to the current pitch. It doesnt work with material that has pre-recorded reverb or delay.

EQ Cloning:

Copy the general eq curve from a reference material and apply it to your mix. In order to do that you just load an audio file which you wish to use as a reference track. If you want the eq curve of your VSL instrument to sound close to a live performance then its always ok to give cloning a shot.

Dynamics Enhancer:

You have 10 slots. Each of them has a typical parametric eq with 6 bands. So what happens is, you give each slot a different eq setting. You can then assign the general "morph" knob to any parameter of your choice. As an alternative you can also map it to velocity. The higher the morph value the higher the slot number. Now you probably ask yourself why? Well, imagine the frequencies get softer the lower the value and gradually harsher the higher the value. This way you have extra control over dynamics, especially if you are familiar of the role of every frequency spectrum. The transitions between the slots are smooth (analog to xfade).

DC offset and Air Removal:

Frees up some DB and we all know how DC offset can be bad for equipment. You can also remove everything above 18 khz. Its all simple as pressing 1 button.

Low Pass and High Pass Filter:

Both come with 3 variations. This is a complement to VI Pros current low pass and can also be automated by assigning it to a parameter of your choice.

Ultra Frequency Specific Resonance Tamer (Real Time)

When activated it reduces the incoming resonances at the frequencies where the human ear is most sensitive. As opposed to normal filters this is not static but happens in real time which means that the sonic quality of your track is not affected. Works great for everything, especially for instruments such as the oboe which are hard to tame.

There is only 1 knob. The more you turn it to the right the higher the filtering effect.

Pitch, Formant and Natural Vibrato Editing:

You can edit pitch and formant. The latter is useful if you want a overall darker or lighter tone. Vibrato editing works by increasing the depth of the natural vibrato making it appear stronger or lighter. If value is on 0 there is no vibrato. So it is easy to create non-vibrato portamentos or progressive vibratos. Its is cpu intensive just like all the real time features.

Plugin loaded as an Instrument:

The plugin is loaded as an instrument. It basically acts as an exoskeleton or mini host. When open you can load the instrument of choice from here (only 1 per instance). You decide which features are shown and which not. All knobs and sliders from the beforementioned features are fully automatable which means that you can control them with your midi controller, regular automation, controller lane or note expression.


I didnt bother posting any screenshots as the UI is truly ugly and full of bugs. However, most features work nearly flawlessly. In addition it needs a lot of improvements since it makes your CPU run wild.

Posted on Sun, Sep 07 2014 05:39
by Casiquire
Joined on Sat, May 01 2010, Posts 325

Wow, I am really intrigued by this!  How would it be used then, just as an effects plugin?  Can't wait to give you some feedback!

Posted on Sun, Sep 07 2014 12:19
by saxmand
Joined on Wed, May 06 2009, Posts 64
Sounds interesting Rolf_Music. Would be interesting to try out when you get it ready :)
Posted on Wed, Sep 24 2014 15:25
by Rolf_Music
Joined on Tue, Feb 05 2013, Posts 82

Im currently working on the grafics whenever I have time. Glad some find it useful. If you have any ideas which I could add then let me know.

Posted on Wed, Sep 24 2014 17:20
by Pyre
Joined on Thu, Jun 28 2012, Posts 156
Hi Rolf Music, this sounds great!

I've had an idea recently, but the professional engineers on here would have to assess whether it would actually be useful or not...

I find that EQs often need their frequencies changing depending on the note being played, whether attenuating violin harmonics or cutting everything lower than the fundamental. I wondered, therefore, about a variant of the Vienna Suite EQ which would detect MIDI note-on data and adjust its frequencies accordingly. So, on a low-cut setting, if the note played is the open lowest E string on a guitar (fundamental about 82Hz), it sets the HPF frequency to just below that, cutting everything below but leaving the fundamental and everything above unaffected. When changing to a higher note, the frequency tracks the pitch and raises accordingly. This would save me an awful lot of automation.

As I said, this might prove to be completely useless, but it occurred to me that in some circumstances it might be useful.
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