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Better than Keyswitching: Articulation Maps Pro for Logic
Last post Sat, Feb 21 2015 by C.B., 5 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Sep 22 2014 03:59
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1123

There is a new program for Logic by Audio Grocery called Articulation Maps Pro .


The only thing Apple Logic has done to accommodate keyswitching is the limiting of the Score Style ranges so that a keyswitch in a region does not show up in a score. 

What haven't they done? 

1. Keyswitches do not chase. 

As you are moving the playhead to and fro, composing and orchestrating, checking and rechecking, the intended patch of a track is not updated in Logic. The patch remains set to whatever keyswitch it last received live or by track playback.  

2. Keyswitches cannot be labeled. 

The Logic user has no means to identify what keyswitch is currently playing. They cannot be labeled in Piano Roll, where the user is most likely to alter a keyswitch. And this requires the user to sift through what is likely the gutter or the attic of a piano roll screen, fishing about for the KS note and changing it according to his memory of any given template. 

Nor can keyswitches be labeled in Event List, where they appear as just another note. If you could label a key and filter a range, conceivably the user could have brought up a list of which patches are in the track at what bar / beat / division / tick. But in Event List note ranges cannot be filtered, and notes cannot be labeled. 

3. Keyswitches are transposed with their region when region parameters are altered. 

Want to raise that section of the song a whole step using the region parameter? To Logic, your keyswitch is just another MIDI note, and all notes just went up two steps. Your sustains just turned into pizzicatos, and the staccato winds are now trilling. 


Articulation Maps Pro allows the user to change patches with automation. From VSL's plugin point of view, it's still a keyswitch. But it is no longer a MIDI note per se in Logic. 

AM Pro will:

1. Chase the right patch change no matter where you move the playhead. 

2. Allow you to label the patch, to be read in Main. Piano Roll and Event List are not involved. 

3. Separate patch selection from Region Parameter settings.  

My string template has solo / chamber / Dimension / ensemble / Appassionata patches covering the lion's share of available patches. With the use of two automation lanes per instrument, I can select the number of players and the correct articulation for each of the five string sections. It's plainly there in Main, chase-able, labeled, and held harmless to MIDI transposition and other MIDI transforms. 

(And if I had a slightly smaller template, I could achieve this with only one automation lane per instrument.)

AM Pro does a lot of other things too. But check the videos for that. You'll see that this program comes within a larger bundle called the Logic X Toolkit PRO v2.0. 

Posted on Mon, Feb 02 2015 15:50
by dfhage
Joined on Thu, Nov 07 2002, London, UK, Posts 100

Hi Plowman,

Any chance you could elaborate of your setup, I've been strugggling to get this to work with a large(ish) template



Posted on Thu, Feb 05 2015 00:06
by samphony
Joined on Mon, Apr 10 2006, Posts 78

I am also using the Toolkit to have access to articulations via trackbased and region based automation.

I had a long skype call with Ivan the developer yesterday night and he helped me to get my head around the workflow I was looking for. 

Posted on Tue, Feb 10 2015 19:05
by Martinz
Joined on Wed, Nov 26 2008, Stockholm, Posts 47

Very interesting! Gonna try it!

Accually the midi chase problem can be solved in Logic. Just go to Project Settings -> MIDI -> Chase and click the unchecked "Notes" box.

Logic Pro X
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Posted on Sat, Feb 21 2015 22:26
by C.B.
Joined on Wed, Aug 11 2010, Quebec Canada, Posts 129

Hi all,

I bought that product about a week ago. Very useful. It's frankly amazing for a Logic user!

My only disappointment is that we can not effectively use multi-timbral instruments. The developer wrote me that he wanted to add this option in its next major update.

Meanwhile, I can use VIP instances directly into Logic for small projects and send them (as audio) to Mir-Pro Plug-in.

For my bigger projects, I'll have to use multiple instances of VEP with 16 single (non multi-timbral) instruments each. I didn't had time yet to test this approach.


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