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Slave computer fails to load instance.
Last post Wed, Dec 03 2014 by magnumpraw, 5 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Nov 24 2014 06:27
by mike harper
Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002, Atlanta, Ga USA, Posts 219

 Hi: New User with Digital Performer on WINDOWS.

 I have a windows 7 Master PC and a new slave windows 7 PC. All VEP software is current.I noticed that after I close a project In DP and reopen it Vienna ensemble Pro fails to completely reconnect to the slave computer.

 What specifically happens is when I open my project. VEP on the slave box shows a connection statues BUT does not load any of the instruments.

 On the Master side the instrument shows up as disconnected. Here is where it gets  weird. When I click "Connect" The slave computer shows another instance connected to the master computer but the master still fails to connect to the slave.

 The workaround is to rebuild the instrument in DP.

 The performance once connected is fine its just when I close out of the project and reopen it fails to reload.

 I created the instruments in DP as specified in the VEP docs. I am using aux tracks for additional instruments to mix individually.

  Has anyone ever seen this?? I am assuming its a operator error. I tried saving mataframes and projects In vep and reloading them manually but nothing seems to work.

 Any ideas??

Posted on Mon, Nov 24 2014 09:49
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12196

Hello Mike, 

I assume that you are working with dynamic IP addresses. 

You should definitely use static IP addresses, and avoid 169.x.x.x addresses (these are automatically assigned by your computer and tend to change).

Please try the following: 

Manually assign one of these IP addresses to the computers in your setup: 192.168.0.x or 10.0.0.x, and assign a subnet mask of, then the connection should work. 

VE PRO connects based on 2 informations: IP address and instance name.



Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Mon, Nov 24 2014 14:56
by mike harper
Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002, Atlanta, Ga USA, Posts 219

Thank you Paul:  

These are all Static IP  I can ping each box. the firewalls are off. I am going to do more testing and se if it follows the project or this particular instance. Never had a issue with cubase

Posted on Mon, Nov 24 2014 19:31
by mike harper
Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002, Atlanta, Ga USA, Posts 219


This exact behavoir is now in cubase on a project I just finished last week that was working. I uninstalled VEP and reinstalled latest version and tested on a new cubase project. I still have the same issue. I am going to put a ticket with tech support.

Posted on Wed, Dec 03 2014 21:54
by magnumpraw
Joined on Tue, Oct 04 2005, Los Angeles, Posts 142

I have run into the similar issue in DP and Cubase. Its been happening for at least 8 months now.

When I load a template that has a Decoupled VEPro, it connects fine to the slave computer. BUT if I have to disconnect the instance for any reason, I get the issue as mike harper described above.

When I press the connect button on the VEPro plugin and connect to the SLAVE instance, the SLAVE computer shows a connection, but the plugin in DP or Cubase does not show anything connected and still has the connect button active.

I am using static ip's for all my computers.

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