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How to delay a crescendo
Last post Mon, Jan 19 2015 by JimmyHellfire, 2 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Jan 19 2015 01:03
by johncmurphy
Joined on Mon, Oct 13 2014, Posts 18

I would like to know how to combine two patches in Vienna Instruments PRO.

I need to have a note with a strong attack, followed by a natural decay, but when it reaches a p (piano) level, it turns around and swells back to ff. So I need to combine a fortepiano patch with a dynamics (cresc) patch, but the start of second patch has to be offset in time...

Posted on Mon, Jan 19 2015 12:06
by JimmyHellfire
Joined on Tue, Dec 24 2013, Posts 335

I like to do that kind of thing with the "delay" and "attack" parameters of the envelope (VIPro "advanced" view, "edit" tab).

For example, I like to use staccato and sfz samples for the initial attack (I offset the sfz patch a tiny little by dialing in a low value on the "delay" slider - something around 9-12) and set their volumes in the mixer tab so that they're not disproportionally overpowering compared to the following crescendo. I put the stacc patch in the 1a slot, the sfz in the 2a and the fortepiano in the 3a. That way, I can modify their attack times, volumes etc. indepentently.

I want the staccato portion to be immediate. The sfz patch is there to make the attack a little bit more lively and add a slight "rubbing" to it, and it provides the decay that I wouldn't quite get right by using only staccato. The sfz is only very slightly delayed with the "delay" slider. I delay the fortepiano patch just a little bit and use a rather high value for the "atack" parameter. The great thing is that you can assign the attack to CC, which makes it possible to use the same combined patch for different passages that might require a faster or even slower attack time.

Additionally, I like to set the stacc samples to key velocity and assign velocity crossfade for the sfz and fortepiano. This way, you can easily define the strength of the initial attack by setting a key velocity value in your MIDI editor, and further sculpt the crescendo to your liking with xfade and expression curves.

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