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VEP 4.1 + Cubase + Tempo Changes = Pops
Last post Tue, Jun 02 2015 by feeserface, 3 replies.
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Posted on Wed, May 20 2015 18:08
by feeserface
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2007, Los Angeles, Posts 73

Hey all, 

While triggering Kontakt instruments from within VEP over a Tempo change there are clicks and pops, this behavior does not occur with the same instruments playing from an internal (cubase) instance of Kontakt.    Bounced audio does not contain the clicks.


Running VEP 4.1.11889 and Cubase 7.540 on a Mid 2010 MacPro (6 core 2x266) with Yosemite 10.10.3 and 64b of Memory.

I'm running VEP as a standalone and triggering it locally from within the same machine via Cubase.   Inside the VEP I have Kontakt running various instruments.  In this case "Emotional Piano" but in other cases other instruments.    I have no effects in any of the send or effects slots. Whenever there is a tempo change in Cubase there is a noticeable "pop" in the sample playback from Vienna.  

I've narrowed it down to Vienna because I've tried to play the same sequence with an internal Kontakt Loaded exactly the same way and it doesn't have the little pops everytime there is a tempo change.

The issue does not persist in a Bounce, just in playback and real-time performance.  That is, when I bounce the piece the resultant audio does not have the clicks and pops.

I've tried this with VEP both coupled and decoupled and the problem persists.



I'd love a solution 

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.
-- Steve Martin
Posted on Mon, Jun 01 2015 22:00
by markmusic
Joined on Sun, Jul 29 2007, Posts 1

I've been grappling with this for a while. There is in fact a very simple solution.

In Kontakt, go to the Master Editor at the top right of the page. On the tempo section, make sure 'EXT' if off. Click on it if it is orange to turn it to black.

Do this on all instances of Kontakt in your metaframe. One affects all it seems.

That's it! Problem solved. No more pops when the tempo changes.

The one drawback - it will mean any tempo-synced patches in Kontakt will no longer lock to your DAW tempo. Easy workaround if the piece you're working on is in one tempo - type in the tempo manually. The other workaround if your piece changes tempo - load those patches into a Kontakt instance being hosted directly by your DAW, not VEP. If this becomes unweildy, consider printing the tempo-synced patches to audio and then deactivate the Kontakt instance(s) in your DAW. 

I hope this is helpful. It's a bit of a game changer for me.

All the best

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Posted on Tue, Jun 02 2015 13:36
by feeserface
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2007, Los Angeles, Posts 73

Thanks for this.   Lifesaver!!!

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.
-- Steve Martin
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