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VI Pro repeat function
Last post Sat, Feb 27 2016 by julian, 1 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Feb 27 2016 12:29
by julian
Joined on Fri, Jan 07 2005, UK, Posts 720


Could anyone give a detailed explanation of how the repeat function engine works in VI Pro.

I have a repeated sequence of the same note which I'm sending to a violin rep staccato articulation. I have set the repeat threshold to the maximum (10") so as to have as few repeated notes as possible across the piece.

I can see the note indicator move along the row each time the note is played. However if I switch to another articulation for a couple of notes (say violins rep por) when I return to the staccato patch it has continued the note order as if the staccato notes had been played.

The rep stac patch has 8 repeat notes and one that stands out a little on the note I'm using. This repeats every 8th note on the sequence  even if you switch to another articulation and back. To be clear if you had a repated sequence of middle C quavers (staccato) going on forever with the 4th and 5th notes in each bar played with a portato articulation rather than staccato then the 4th and 5th notes in the staccato patch would never sound.

Is my understanding of this correct?



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