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A great piece by Guy Bacos
Last post Fri, Jun 10 2016 by winknotes_282, 6 replies.
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Posted on Sun, May 29 2016 00:44
by William
Joined on Sun, Nov 24 2002, USA, Posts 5514

I just noticed this - what a wonderful piece and fantastic performers - congratulations Guy!  Didn't you do this also with VSL?  Anyway it is beautiful music and really fine performers involved in this so I thought I should point it out since I really liked listening to and watching this video which is very professionally done.


Posted on Sun, May 29 2016 11:03
by jasensmith
Joined on Tue, Jan 15 2008, Arizona, Posts 1576

I agree 

This is an execptional piece with an ensemble so versatile with multiple dimensions and elements to explore.  It's like an auditory adventure (yeah I know, that's kind of cheesy but...)

And that cellist is simply spellbinding!!!  She kind of reminds me of the Viola Da Gamba virtuoso Hille Perl.

Anyway, thanks for posting William.  This is good stuff.

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Posted on Sun, May 29 2016 16:32
by Jos Wylin
Joined on Mon, Dec 03 2012, Belgium, Posts 594

What a magnificent composition. The cello is not only superb, the cello part is extremely well designed for the instrument and demonstrates its versatility and richness. It's really a worthy tribute to the most elegant cello.

I've enjoyed every second of it immensely!


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Posted on Tue, May 31 2016 00:00
by Errikos
Joined on Tue, Jun 12 2007, Posts 1061

Very nice indeed, although not quite "mourning" to my ears, I don't even think Guy is capable of profound sadness in his music - I hope he always remains cheerful!

It would be very interesting to see how live ensembles would tackle some more, shall we say, coruscant works by Guy. Any such videos?

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Posted on Wed, Jun 01 2016 19:16
by Guy Bacos
Joined on Sun, Jan 16 2005, Quebec, Canada, Posts 1986

I didn't see this until now, and am a bit ebarrased, I usually prefer to not mix virtual world with live, especially on a virtual instrument forum, and in respect to the forum users and herb. 

Having said that, I take it as a great compliment, especially posted by an excellent composer/programmer: William Kersten. So thanks for the nice comments!

It's a good opportunity to mention that this video would never have seen the light without the original virtual version working with the great flexibility of VSL solo cello and all its articulations. The same story with all my works that have gone though this same process and have had live performances found on my website.

Mourning has received some attention in the last few years, it was also recently performed in a recital with the cello-piano concert version, apparently a favorite of the public, so I was told.

About 5 months ago the soundtrack was used in a show at the Rockefeller centre in NY in a choreography, and because it was well appreciated, they would like to use it in their repertoire. 

Mourning aka Into The Light in a show at the Rockefeller Center

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Posted on Fri, Jun 10 2016 20:28
by winknotes_282
Joined on Mon, Dec 23 2002, Posts 189

Yeah terrific piece.  Since we're talking about your music I've found myself listening to your variations on a theme by Beethoven quite often lately.  I absolutely love the journey that takes me on. 

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