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Posted on Fri, Sep 15 2017 12:42
by nostaller
Joined on Sat, Oct 03 2009, Posts 34


Did anyone use Cubase 9 with deactivating / re-activating VEPS without problems ? 

Cubase 9 seems to get extremely confused with VEP Outs routing - Here is my problem: Everything is inside one Cubase project file. I have composed about 20 Music Cues (Each Music Cue is a separate VEP Instance (as Cubase Instrument Track) with 128 Channels and 24 Midi ports). 

Every time I composed a new music cue, I deactivated the former VEP (Music cue). I have also added some permanently activated VEP Templates for Strings, Wood, etc. that remain active all the time.

Here is the problem or bug I am experiencing: I have all 20 Music Cues deactivated and wanted to return to my first Music Cue. After re-activating the first VEP, Cubase does very weird things with its VEP Outs Routing: 

a) Some VEP outputs are duplicated, which should not happen :( seems extremely weird: 

(I had one Bass Sound for example with Out 3/4. And now Cubase shows me 3 (VEP Outs) with the same Bass Sound Name that all receive audio from the Sound but belong to the same VEP Out 3/4 inside the Cubase mixer. 

The Sound is therefore also louder than in my original mix . 

b) The activated VEP suddenly has received more (VEP Outs) from other VEPS that were not in the original Music Cue: Cubase mixed in some (VEP Outs) with some names from my permanently activated VEP Templates inside the re-activated Music Cue. 

c) It should not matter, but could this be a problem or bug with using the „newer“ (Cubase Instrument Track) instead of the old (Cubase Instrument Racks) ?

This buggy routing behaviour with re-activated VEPs got me so confused, I can´t really trust this feature in Cubase nor can I understand why this conflict is happening. Maybe Cubase just doesn´t know yet how to correctly re-activate VEP when working with several Veps?? 

Does somebody have a similar experience or is VSL in contact with Cubase to solve this perhaps already known problem ? 

Thanks a lot, nostaller

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