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Pro Tools 12, VE Pro 6 and High CPU
Last post Wed, Feb 13 2019 by Rithem, 4 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Nov 20 2017 06:43
by jmgotsoul
Joined on Fri, Aug 04 2017, Los Angeles, Posts 7

I am a fairly new VE Pro user. I was first having an issue with VE Pro crashing but I have resolved that by reducing the number of instanes of Kontakt that I have loaded. I now have a VE Pro template that seems to be stable. I have a corresponding template in Pro Tools 12 that is built to work with my VE Pro template. I have noticed that when my Pro Tools template loads up, the CPU jumps up anywhere between 1500% and 1750%. If it's too high the audio is garbled and it basically doesn't work. Here is some information on my configuration:

My Computer:

  • Mid-2012 Mac Pro running macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • 128 GB RAM
  • Two 3.33 GHz 6-core processors (24 virtual cores)
  • Three 2TB SSD SATA drives. One of the drives contains all of the libraries loaded into VE Pro.
  • Pro Tools and VE Pro are currently running on the same computer.

My VE Pro template:

  • Seven instances.
  • Per instance: 3 threads, 16 MIDI ports, 32 audio outputs, 2 audio inputs.
  • Each channel has one instance of Kontakt.
  • Most instances of Kontakt have one or more libraries of the same kind of instrument. Ex: Violins 1, Horns, Oboes, etc. There are some instances where this is not the case.
  • All instruments are purged so that by default no samples are loaded.
  • Multiprocessor support in Kontakt is turned off.
  • Each instance of Kontakt can route to up to 16 stereo outputs. For instances where all of the libraries are the same type of instrument, they all route to the same stereo output (st. 1). For the ones where they aren't the same instrument, each library routes to it's own stereo output.

My Pro Tools template:

  • One MIDI track for every instrument loaded into VE Pro.
  • One aux track for each output that is used from each VE Pro channel.
  • Seven aux tracks have the VE Pro plugin inserted.
  • Each VE Pro plugin is configured to be connected, preserved and decoupled with 2 buffers.
  • The template is configured with a 24-bit bit rate and 96KHz sample rate.
  • Pro Tools is configured with a buffer size of 1024.

I have fully verified this high CPU usage is definitely when my Pro Tools template loads up. I execute the following steps:

  1. Start VE Pro
  2. Load my VE Pro template
  3. Load at the CPU usage (it is consistently a low number)
  4. Start Pro Tools
  5. Load my Pro tools template
  6. Look at the CPU usage (at this point it will be significantly higher)

I can get around this by disconnecting the VE Pro plugins that I am not using but I was wondering if anyone might have some suggestions or thoughts as to why the CPU usage goes so high?

Julian Montgomery
Posted on Tue, Nov 21 2017 06:13
by jmgotsoul
Joined on Fri, Aug 04 2017, Los Angeles, Posts 7

Some additional information I discovered today...

As I stated, once I have VE Pro and Pro Tools up and running my CPU usage can be very high. What I discovered today is if I go into VE Pro and disable a few channels, the CPU usage is drastically reduced. An example today is the CPU usage was around 1700% and after randomly disabling 4 channels the CPU usage went down to around 400%. If I then turn around and re-enable the channels the CPU usage remains low. I tried this out 3 times and every single time I saw the same behavior.

I have no explanation for this but I wanted to add this information in case it helps someone to help me.

Julian Montgomery
Posted on Tue, Feb 12 2019 21:23
by Eric Owyoung
Joined on Fri, Aug 24 2018, Posts 1

I'm having the same strange issue!  Did you ever find a solution?

Posted on Wed, Feb 13 2019 09:35
by Rithem
Joined on Tue, Aug 20 2013, Posts 2

Hey All,

I hope paul reads this... I have some info that surely will help look further into the problem.

I have been bulding my template for the last 3 months. It is very solid, except for this problem. 

There is a bottleneck somewhere and in CAN be found. 


Master: Mac Pro 12 core, 128GB Ram, Sierra, Only SSD. Pro Tools 12

Slave: Mac Pro 12 core, 128GB Ram, Sierra, Only SSD.

Template: ca 90 returns/auxes. The last 300 are all midi tracks. 

Amount of AAX plugins in use: 2. To be exact "VEP local" And "VEP Slave"

VEP Buffer 1 or 4, doesnt make a difference. 

22 CPU meters show max 6% when playback stopped. 2 show 100%

Total shows 100. This when keeping Playback engine buffer size on 256. 

Bringing that down to 1024 gives a 55% total and playback is possible. 

(Who wants to make music on 1024?)

NOW THIS looks like an problem in Pro Tools, where something syncing up with VEP doesnt work like it should, right? Paul? 

Thanks in advance!


Warm regards,     Jan 

Rithem attached the following image(s):
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