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FR: VEP Script Editor or Better Automation Mapping
Last post Thu, Jan 04 2018 by esencia, 2 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Dec 16 2017 16:24
Joined on Sat, Sep 18 2010, Posts 499

Dear VSL Wizards,

I have Notion sending MIDI to the DAW. Due to Notion's limited Rule options, I'm sending articulation changes via CC32. The DAW will reroute MIDI to VEP channels. This solution is 99% genius, except that VI-Pro doesn't switch Matrices via CC. Kontakt comes with a script that will convert CC to program changes. So it's just VSL that's not working for me yet.

1) Feature Request

Option #1 - Add a scripting utility to VEP. It's been requested before. Please please please do this.

Option #2 - The automation mapping feature is ALMOST brilliant. But it's limited to just the mixer elements. If I could have CC1 on Midi channel 1 edit multiple parameters within Vi-Pro or even just use CC1 to control multiple CC's for an instrument (or even multiple instruments) then booya. If I could use this mapper to convert CC32 values to program changes, booya again.

2) Does anyone know of a way to convert CC32's VALUES to program changes via Cubase's MIDI transformer?

Edit: Someone helped me find the right Transformer settings. If it helps...

  • Type is | Equal | Controller
  • Value 1 | Equal | 32
  • Value 2 | Bigger or Equal | 0
  • Type | Set fo fixed value | Program Change
  • Value 1 | Use Value 2

My favorite option would still be VEP. Cause then all my samples could actually behave the same way and using any DAW. I prefer Studio One but have to use Cubase for now to do this just for VI-Pro.


Posted on Thu, Jan 04 2018 23:46
by esencia
Joined on Wed, Jan 18 2006, Posts 8


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