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Posted on Sat, May 05 2018 00:55
by mbira
Joined on Thu, Nov 23 2017, Posts 37

Hi folks,

As the subject says-lately the Vienna Ensemble Service (64 bit) now starts as it's own application every time I start my DAW.  It used to not do this unless I opened a project that specifically has VEP running.  How to I stop this?  I also have the paid version of VEP6, so I'm not sure that I even need this free version at all?

Posted on Wed, May 09 2018 07:28
by dreikelvin
Joined on Fri, Nov 02 2012, Posts 2

I am having the same issue and was hoping that after a couple of months (I started getting this issue around february/march with one of the last updates) I would see some people complaining on this forum.

Now, every time I launch cubase, it waits for the VE software to load the GUI, which slows down the startup process significantly. I would love to have a solution for this problem. Is there an option to turn the GUI off when cubase is cycling through its list of plugins?


My System is a Mac with El Capitan

Posted on Wed, May 09 2018 07:36
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 11927


I'm afraid that's part of the VST plug-in routine when scanning plug-ins  - with VE, to check functionality, it opens the SERVICE in the background. 

2 options I can see: 

1) Move the plug-in out of your plug-in folder when you don't need it  OR create a VST plug-in folder just for VE and add that folder whenever you need it). 

2) Get Vienna Ensemble PRO (which is NOT opening a SERVICE, as the the VE PRO Server needs to be started manually) and use it instead of Vienna Ensemble (comes with a lot of benefits as well). 

Sorry to have no fix available right now. 


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Mon, May 14 2018 12:20
by dreikelvin
Joined on Fri, Nov 02 2012, Posts 2

it didn't do that before, so why change the behaviour? launching the service on cubase launch makes no sense to me and I don't really want to bother messing around with my VST folder too much, as it's also taking time. so there is no real win with this workaround. thanks anyways. I guess I will be slowly transitioning to a different sample library from now on :(

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