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Smart Orchestra vs Classical Setup
Last post Wed, Sep 12 2018 by Holgmeister, 5 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Sep 11 2018 16:03
by Holgmeister
Joined on Fri, Feb 13 2004, Gross Zimmern, Posts 149


I instantly liked the videos and the playability of the smart orchestra and the sound of course.
It is my style to play with an keyboard and an orchestral setup in VI Pro, like the Inspirational Presets, but with articulations from the cube instead of the basic ones in the SE version I had before.

As an owner of the Symphonic Cube, I am wondering if Smart Orchestra is of any advantage? I am not so much into Midi Tweaking and VIPro served my well. I wish we had first seen an update to VIPro rather a complete new player for a different set of samples. Why there was never an upgrade in all that VIPro lifespan? 

Does Smart Orchestra really add value to me except that it is well prepared and a more modern GUI? It sounds great, but I have Mir24 and that is already a sweet sound for me. 

I am a little afraid (like many people in the VSL community, as I read) that Synchron Instruments are slowly taking over and force me as an user to an upgrade  - except that the upgrade is more or less of the same tonal quality you have with your actual setup.


What are reasons to switch to synchron series? Can someone share experience?



Orchestral Noise and Magick
Symphonic Cube, Piano, Prepared Piano and MIR24
Posted on Wed, Sep 12 2018 00:14
by William
Joined on Sun, Nov 24 2002, USA, Posts 5704

The smart orchestra is for people who want to create an instant performance that uses orchestral sound by playing it on a keyboard.  It is not extremely detailed or complex, but orchestral sketching.  

It will certainly be the best of any library which provides that kind of sound, because VSL always does super high quality libraries. 

It does not at all invalidate the VI-VE-MIR instruments however.  I liken it somewhat to  how there are musicians who want to just play music simply, and there are composers who want to control every element of music with fanatical precision to the extent of Mahler with his insanely detailed scores.  VI allows the ultimate control of all parameters of musical performance, but is not "instant" with doing entire orchestral performances from two hands of a piano player.  

If you think of what goes to make up a symphony orchestra - it is 60 or more individuals, all playing individually with total mastery or even virtuosity.  So to  reproduce that all by yourself with two hands and any software is impossible.   However you CAN reproduce that level of musical performance with VI-VE-MIR.  Not sure if that matters or anyone nowadays cares though... which is why VSL is getting into this.  A corporate decision to diversify.  That is of course essential.

Posted on Wed, Sep 12 2018 01:21
by William
Joined on Sun, Nov 24 2002, USA, Posts 5704

So that is a basic concept which may or may not be correct.  Businesses need to survive and adapt to the marketplace.  

Posted on Wed, Sep 12 2018 03:06
by mw design
Joined on Thu, Dec 05 2013, Posts 260

Smart Orchestra Demos sounds great, nearly perfect mixed. A Instant Library is also good Idea (because lot of other Library Companies doing this, so its smart Decision to make a Instant Library)

By looking only at a Woodwind layered Sounds. I mean how long this will take to make sound like this on VI Series.

but, ;)

Im also bit confused about Synchron Series with their own Player and own Reverb and the VI Series with the VI Player and MIR, will there be no new Instruments for VI Series ?

Posted on Wed, Sep 12 2018 16:37
by Holgmeister
Joined on Fri, Feb 13 2004, Gross Zimmern, Posts 149

Thanks, mw and William. 

I guess these are all valid points. A sketch and some playing on a free sunday afternoon is one thing, a dedicated score to its perfection is another one. Probably I am inbetween, with my abilities, my ideas, my time.

As for mw's example with the woodwinds: That is very true - spending endless time on setting up these layers rather than composing is a constant struggle. This is where I wished VI would have continued with their Inspirational Preset. To save precious times, 

And as for the future: I guess, William is right: These are business decisions. At the end, it is one himself, who needs to take value out of the stuff one bought himself. Technology always has a lifespan of some years, not for eternity. 


Thanks for all your input

Cheers Holger

Orchestral Noise and Magick
Symphonic Cube, Piano, Prepared Piano and MIR24
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