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Posted on Wed, Sep 12 2018 20:11
Joined on Tue, May 22 2012, Posts 467

I discovered a few minutes ago how easy it is in the Synchron Player to use the transpose trick. For the case that this could be interesting for some fellow users, I explain it here.

You can use this trick as far as I see now for 2 purposes. 

  1. You can create a new patch with a little slower or quicker vibrato. It is subtile but it can work well with e.g. a soft legato patch. It gives a little different expression.
  2. You can make for example in Synchron Strings 1  28 first violins (when you combine a normal slot and a transposed slot of course and mix that slots with the crossfade tool). 

How to do it...

In the Edit tab in the Synchron Player it is possible to adjust the tuning of a patch a semitone up or a semitone down by using the "cent" option (value 100 or -100 respectively) and at the same time adjusting the "octave" and "semi" value.
The opportunities are: 
               octave=0; semitone=1; cents= -100  
               octave= -1; semitone=11; cents=100

N.B.: notice, when you adjust the edit page of a slot, other slots can be affected.
To prevent this,
click, before you change something in the edit tab, on the line just under the word "Edit". A little popup window appears now.
Click in that popup window on "Edit..." and type a unique name. Now the changes you are going to make will just affect the slot you have opened.


There are 2 disadvantages:

  • with the possibilities of the Synchron Player at this moment you loose one tone (the upper tone or the lowest tone respectively);
  • the lowest tone of e.g. the violins is not the open string without vibrato (that open string is removed to f sharp or g sharp repectively). 

I hope some will have benefit from this.

Posted on Sun, Jan 12 2020 13:22
by JimmyHellfire
Joined on Tue, Dec 24 2013, Posts 335

Late to the party, but I wanted to thank you for pointing this out. Since there is no pitch bend slider available in the Synchron Player (why exactly, anyway?..), I was wondering how/if I could do the transposition trick without doing anything in the sequencer.

Posted on Sun, Jan 12 2020 16:00
by Macker
Joined on Tue, Aug 21 2018, London, Posts 554

Hello MMKA,

Excellent point about winning some slightly different time-dependent expressions with the transpose trick.

A couple of further observations:

1. VSL libraries typically map each sample across two adjacent keyboard notes. This means of course that to guarantee a different sample will always be played back as a result of transposing MIDI it's necessary to transpose by 2 semitones. This is crucial if one is using the trick to avoid unison phasing, but irrelevant if the intention is only to change the rate of vibrato etc.

2. It's possible to win back the 'lost' notes at the top or bottom of a patch's keyboard range by enabling the horizontal double-headed blue arrow symbol at the right of the keyboard display, and adjusting the keyboard range markers which then appear.

"We should always remember that sensitiveness and emotion constitute the real content of a work of art."
~ Maurice Ravel
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