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Sibelius key switching is acting strange
Last post Tue, Nov 27 2018 by patmaddox, 2 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Nov 26 2018 22:35
by patmaddox
Joined on Tue, Jun 05 2018, Posts 59

I haven't done much with Sibelius 7.1 and VSL other than some small experiments, which were promising. However today, it's not working so well. I'm not sure what changed – it's been a while since I did my first experiments. What I can say has changed is that I'm now using VIP and VEP with the SE+ bundle – before I was using the standard VI and VE.

Anyway, I have the simple passage attached below. Two things are happening:

1. the "ord." marking doesn't do anything – and I don't think I should even need it, in the past I'm pretty sure Sibelius automatically switched from staccato to sustain without any markings. Also, exporting MIDI shows that it doesn't include a keyswitch to return to sustain.

2. the final beat of measure 2 triggers a legato slur going in to the first beat of measure 3. They should be independent of one another.

think I have everything set up correctly. I've installed the Sibelius soundsets, imported the house style, and have the VEP soundset as VE Special Edition Plus. I don't understand why the markings aren't working correctly.

patmaddox attached the following image(s):
ScreenU0020ShotU00202018-11-26U0020atU00203.30.23U0020PM.png (39kb) downloaded 1 time(s).

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Posted on Tue, Nov 27 2018 00:11
by patmaddox
Joined on Tue, Jun 05 2018, Posts 59

Okay, false alarm! (I think...)

It looks like my Sib Score -> Sib playback config -> VEP setup got out of sync. I carefully went through and lined everything up and it seems to be working fine now (including VSTs hosted in VEP!)

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