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VEP 7 CPU Usage jumped to 100%?
Last post Mon, Aug 19 2019 by littlewierdo, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Aug 18 2019 17:49
by littlewierdo
Joined on Sun, Apr 24 2016, Posts 234

I know I saw another thread that referenced this but I cant seem to find it...

I have a fairly large project I am working on, with about 45 tracks in it, mixed with a combination of Kontakt, Synchron Player, and VI Player instances loaded, All told, just over 20 gb of instruments loaded into memory.

When leaving my PC idle and coming back to it later, I frequently come back to find my PC unresponsive and my CPU usage pegged at 100%, coming from VEP7 according to the Win10 task manager. Windows 10 updates are all installed, all Vienna software is updated, Cubase is version 10.3.

This is both frustrating as I frequently have to reload the project, which is a time laden process (I can walk my dog and come back to find my project is still not loaded).

Adding to this is the frustrating five plus minutes that VEP7 takes to scan for plugins, especially considering I dont have many plugins installed (just whatever Vienna brings along in VEP7, Instruments, Synchron player and Synchron piano, whatever Steinberg brings along with Cubase 10 Pro, Kontakt 6, and Eastwest play engine), all on a core i7 processor with 32 gb of ram.

Has anyone else experienced these two issues?

Also wondering, how much RAM should I have installed? I was thinking 32 gb would be enough, but maybe I should increase it to 64 gb? I expect to be working with very large projects going forward...

Posted on Mon, Aug 19 2019 08:41
by MS
Joined on Wed, Feb 19 2003, Vienna, Austria, Posts 1747

When running into this issue again, please create a minidump from Vienna Ensemble Pro.exe using Process Explorer. Then please send the minidump to


(replace conhost.exe with Vienna Ensemble Pro.exe)

Martin Saleteg
Software Developer
Vienna Symphonic Library GmbH
Posted on Mon, Aug 19 2019 20:23
by littlewierdo
Joined on Sun, Apr 24 2016, Posts 234

When processor usage spikes to 100%, you realize the PC becomes unstable and unusable, right? Not sure how I can do that. For now, Ive limited the amount of CPU that Ensemble can use to 85% to give me headroom to make the machine usable enough to save my project should it happen again

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