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Posted on Tue, Dec 03 2019 15:53
by Daniel Stenning
Joined on Fri, Jan 11 2019, UK, Posts 34

For those who run or are planning to move to a client Mac OSX DAW machine + 1 [high powered] VEP server machine arrangement over ethernet - are any here considering moving to a fibreglass thunderbolt connection instead of high speed internet? 

Currenrtly for example - in a 1-1 arrangeement it is possible to avoid entirely the need for an ethernet switch - and instead just connect the DAW mac to VEP mac direclty over an ethernet cable,  This is handy to know for those who are on 10gbe ethernet cabling and have 10gbe ports oin their macs. 

this would be both faster and cheaper for 10gbe. 

But with modern Macs and OSX - it is also possible to run an ethernet protocol connection between two macs over thunderbolt. Now in the past and up to now its only been possibly with TB2. which is more comparably with 10gbe ethernet speeds. but wiht Corning due to be launching a TB3 fibre cable - long enoiugh to - like ethernet - be able to place the [noisy]. server in a different room to the DAW client - this would mean that for a cost of maybe £400 or so onew can be running a client to [1 only] server connectino of near to 40gb/s. 

Anytone considering this?     perusing the forums i've noticed more and more people who've moved or are planing to move from a 1 - many server.  setup to 1 to 1 server.  And a TB3 fibre connection would be considerably less expensive than buying a 10gbe switch - and possibly a 10gbe thiunderbolt network adapter too.

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