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Reaper and VEP7 Routing
Last post Sat, Dec 21 2019 by LuCsa, 2 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Dec 20 2019 12:03
by Currymuetze
Joined on Tue, Nov 26 2019, Posts 1


I am new to VEP and still figuring out the routing structure between these two.

However, I am stuck at the routing back from VEP to reaper, my current setup:

- I created an instrument track and added (via FX / Options) 4 MIDI channels and 4 Outputs).

- in VEP I created two instruments (Epic ORchestra strings on MIDI 1 and Brass on MIDI 2). I deleted the Master track, EPIC output is 1+2, Brass Output is 3+4

- when I play on my keys, the Orchestra is sounding, while the Piano does not (MIDI is for shure correct), the VEP Mixer shows an audio signal, see attached screenshot

- However, in reaper, there is no signal shown in Output 1+2, (see attached screenshot). But I can hear the Strings

Hope someone can help me, guess I need to setup reaper correct?? (attached the screenshots of reaper audio rooting of channel 1+2 and 3+4)




Currymuetze attached the following image(s):
VEP.PNG (47kb) downloaded 5 time(s).
reaper.PNG (94kb) downloaded 5 time(s).
reaperU0020routingU00201U002B2.PNG (44kb) downloaded 2 time(s).
reaperU0020routingU00203U002B4.PNG (45kb) downloaded 1 time(s).

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Posted on Sat, Dec 21 2019 11:14
by LuCsa
Joined on Sat, Dec 19 2015, Vienna, Posts 126


the Reaper track hosting the VEP Plugin needs to have set the correct minimum number of channels (4 in your case), is that the case? You can see this in the routing window of the track or the FX chain window by clicking on the "xy out" in the upper right corner.

Now on the receiving Reaper track you add a receive (or on the hosting track a send, respectively), that sets the required source Track channel (1&2 or 3&4) to the receiving track's 1&2 channel.

In your case it seems that you assign (last screenshot) 1&2 --> 3&4, which means: Source track channels 1&2 --> receiving track channels 3&4, but what you actually want is source track channels 3&4 --> receiving track channels 1&2.

Does this help?

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