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Posted on Mon, Jan 27 2020 21:30
by mgmazzei
Joined on Sat, Feb 21 2004, Posts 153

Hi Guys,
 I have a problem with my Synchron player and I’m not sure what to do.    I’m using a PC Creation Station from Sweetwater Sound.This PC is only used for the Vienna Library.  I also have a Mac Pro that is using Pro Tools.  I am using Vienna Ensemble Server to connect the PC to the Mac. That works fine !!  I am using the full Synchron Strings.. Violin 1, 2, Viola, etc.. and full Synchronized Appassionata  Strings and Dimension Synchronized Brass and some winds…. big session..perhaps..   I wait for all the samples to load in the session... I hit play and almost all of the instruments red cross hatch lights up.  The samples cut out and at times distorted. Most all the instruments are lighting up red at the uppers corner.  Now the strange part…. if I run the song from beginning to end several times eventually all the red lights stop and the Synchron player performs. I don’t understand why.. seems like the player “learns” after several passes.. This takes A LOT of time… very frustrating .. Can’t work like this... and if i run my mouse up and down the keyboard on the computer of any instrument, the red light glows and samples cut out..  I’m doing something wrong..

I have never had this problem with the Vienna Ensemble player..  or using MIR. I do use some of the VE players in the sessions and they work well. .  But I understand that the Synchron player demands more power….. Is my computer powerful enough to create these type sessions???  how do I know if I “max” out.  Support feels that since it does work after several passes,the samples have not finished loading.. but I really think my sessions are too much for my computer. I know the users on this form have way bigger session then I.. 

The CPU numbers on the bottom of the right corner is around 60% but that varies and had it go up to 90%..if that means anything.. 

The computer is a core i7- 6700 CPU @ 3.4Ghz  I have 32 Gb installed, windows 10. The samples reside on 2 SSD drives … Windows and applaction running on another SSD drive.  

I have contacted support.   They suggested using light convolution… enable all slots,  (I do use full velocity range on all the Synchron instruments but only use some of the Articulation and type). Also reduce the pre load size to 3072 on all instruments. They also feel that the SSD drive speeds are working properly..   I have tried all of their suggestions and nothing has resolved the issue.  They believe that not all the samples have loaded into the cells. . 
Should i look into another computer?  what is the limit… ?  and why does the Synchron player behave if i run several passes on the song?   
Any other suggestions  ???
Posted on Sun, Feb 09 2020 08:08
by pmaurer_740
Joined on Mon, Jan 27 2003, Posts 2


I have the same problem. The VSL support couldn't help me either.

Posted on Sun, Feb 09 2020 10:08
by stan-k
Joined on Tue, Jun 24 2014, Posts 42


The only thing that "solves" the problem for me is quiting the DAW and reloading the project, just once though, after that everything seems to be working fine.

Stan K
Posted on Sun, Feb 09 2020 13:10
by mgmazzei
Joined on Sat, Feb 21 2004, Posts 153

Thanks for the reply...  I tried closing and resatrting .... no reslove...Well, at least one user has the same problem... Support wants me to send them the MIDI file and Vienna session.  Let's see if they can solve this problem.  Looks like it's very rare ...  


Posted on Sun, Feb 09 2020 14:49
by bbelius
Joined on Sat, Mar 14 2015, Posts 762

Hi Mike,

you should not reduce but increase the preload size. By increasing the preload size a bigger chunk of the samples gets loaded into RAM, which helps with drive and CPU load.

Here some general tips to minimize these issues / troubleshoot system problems:

- Increase the preload size (especially for the multi-mic instruments like Big Bang Orchestra, or Synchron Strings)
- Make sure your drivers are up to date, especially your video card, audio card / interface and (wireless) LAN drivers.
- Choose a higher audio buffer size
- Make sure to run the latest version of the Synchron Player
- Check your system latency with the LatencyMon tool. Let it run for 5-10 minutes and see what component is troubling your system. The measured interrupt to DPC latency should optimally be below 100 µs, the lower the better). If it's way too high, check the most demanding component in the report and make sure to update the drivers. In case of wireless LAN cards or on-board audio-cards it often helps to disable them in the device manager (the components will work again when you enable them in the device manager)
- disable all Windows power saving options
- [advanced, do at your own risk] Further teweaks in the BIOS can also have huge impacts on performance. Be carefull when tweaking your BIOS as it can void your warranty and/or damage your system.

Best, Ben

Technical Support - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Feb 09 2020 16:40
by mgmazzei
Joined on Sat, Feb 21 2004, Posts 153

Thanks Ben, These tips may help me...

  I have some follow up questions..  

1.- What number pre load?  I am currently at 3072 for all paths.. Should i start with 8192 or go for 32768?  Should I select each "path" then give it the same pre load size?  Would adding more RAM to the computer help ?? I have 32 GB installed .. I'll cehck the audio buffer size..   I am using the Vienna pro Server on the PC ... so it's going into my Pro Tools MAC via ethernet..   I'll try the suggestions and get back  to you..




Posted on Sun, Feb 09 2020 18:54
by bbelius
Joined on Sat, Mar 14 2015, Posts 762

Hi Mike,

yes, I would also suggest to start with 8192 for the multi-mic libraries.
I have these libraries stored on ultra-fast NVMe drives, so for me 3072 works just fine. But on regular SATA SSDs I would suggest to start with 8192 and increase it until playback works fine.

For the SYNCHRON-ized libraries a lower value should work just fine (I would start testing here with 4096). The Dimension libraries are also more demanding, so I would increase the preload size one step compared to the other SYNCHRON-ized libraries.

Adding more RAM will only help if you run low on RAM. Increasing the prelaod-size also increases the RAM usage.

Best, Ben

Technical Support - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Feb 09 2020 21:58
by mgmazzei
Joined on Sat, Feb 21 2004, Posts 153


Thanks Ben,

  My Libraries  are across 2 SSD drives .. I’ll increase as you suggested. I’ll click on each path and increase.  It’s really strange because once everything  loads I hit play and most every Synchron instrument except those on Vienna Instrument starts to cut out.  However if I play the tune over and over again it will settle down and work fine.  Why does it do that???? I’s just a pain ..
IF this problem continues  should i look into the ultra fast NVMe drives.  Can they be substituted  for my old SSD drives in my computer.   Seems like most of my sessions are getting bigger and Vienna libraries  are demanding more computer power.   I believe these drives that i have just can’t handle  my sessions..
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