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Unwanted Crescendo
Last post Sun, Apr 05 2020 by plowman, 4 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Apr 05 2020 10:39
by DougMears
Joined on Thu, Dec 29 2016, Kensington, MD, Posts 3
I have Vienna Symphonic Library VI Symphonic Cube - FULL. The orchestral, violin 1, sustain, with vibrato patch seems to have a “built-in” crescendo on long notes. Is there a way to turn this crescendo off? Thanks!
Doug Mears
Logic Pro X
Mac Mojave
Posted on Sun, Apr 05 2020 11:09
by jasensmith
Joined on Tue, Jan 15 2008, Arizona, Posts 1577
Not trying to insult your intelligence or anything but you didn't leave much information. Exactly which Solo VI patch are you referring to? The sustains have different articulations like progressive vibrato and expressive sustain etc. I think There is also a fast attack sustain fa_VI sus. Is that one giving you problems too?

Also are you sure the attack fader isn't turned up too high?

Are you sure there isn't MIDI data being fed to the VEL X fade fader somehow?

Did you download and install the latest string library updates?

Just a few things that come to mind.

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Posted on Sun, Apr 05 2020 12:15
by DougMears
Joined on Thu, Dec 29 2016, Kensington, MD, Posts 3

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

Sorry to not give enough information. That patch I am having an issue with is:

-21 Violins Orchestra


..10 VI-14_sus_Vib

The attack fader is set to zero. The VelX fader is linked to operate by an external fader/controller, and the Vel.XF box is checked. I'm not moving any external faders though, so I'm not sure how MIDI data is being fed to the VelX fader. . . though its very possible that I'm missing something. I am using the latest string library updates. Thanks again!

Doug Mears
Logic Pro X
Mac Mojave
Posted on Sun, Apr 05 2020 17:00
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1101

On occasion, I find sustain patches that have a built-in crescendo, but it is very subtle -- nowhere near the designated crescendo patches. 

I've just auditioned the sample in question. At certain velocities, there may be a slight build up, but 1 dB at the very most -- like a subtle leaning on of the bow among certain players in an ensemble. It is most apparent at a mid-velocity sample, but it's near-negligable. I wanted to mention it -- but I don't think that's what you're hearing.

Before proceeding, just to be safe, dis-engage all velocity Xfade so when you play, you're just hearing one stereo sample.  

Two diagnostics: 1. Open Advanced view, select the VI-14_sus_Vib slot, select Edit, and make sure the Atk is all the way down to 0.  This is **not** the Attack slider in the controller mapping. It's a setting in Advanced > Edit associated to the patch. Edit is the tab between "Voice" and "Stretch." Be certain the correct slot is selected, as this editor is slot-specific. 

If "Atk" is anything but zero, you may have found the problem.

2. If it's already 0, then replace 10 VI-14_sus_Vib with 13 VI-14_sus_noVib in the same slot. Can you hear the same crescendo?  Now try 11 VI-14_sus_Vib_fA (fast Attack). Is that any better? 

In other words, we're trying to figure out if the behavior is patch-specific when all slot edit settings are the same. 

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