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Posted on Mon, Jun 15 2020 16:56
by soundsreal
Joined on Sat, Oct 25 2014, Posts 13

Does the Andromeda, or any of the other packs for that matter, come with midi info files, or better yet actual Protools/Logic?Cubase (any and/or all) for the presented demo tracks?

I believe, nay, I know, as I am certain most of the rest of the community knows, that having these kinds of files wins by a mile every time over watching tutorials. Being able to not depend have to on an interpreter or curated choices of representative information, and to investigate exactly how and with what, any and every detail is done for whatever part of whatever piece interests any and all of us individually, actually using the tools we have bought HERE, beats even decades of instruction on the matter. 

Not knowing the answer to this yet, I can't exactly launch into any tirade, but for the seller's benefit and on behalf of the buying community I'd instead just like to spotlight a couple points. Not including these files seems like it would be a very, very, poorly thought out decision, as the cost to benefit ratio would be incredibly negligible. Considering the immense widening of people who might have a good deal of the original libraries already, and therefore think there that isn't anything in here for them, that is.

Because, and forgive my brutal honesty, all I really do truly want are more amazing things worth buying from this excellent company. The fact is however, that, without these files, it is this customer's individual opinion that there does not appear to be anything new in these aside from pre-built things made from material we already possess and using knowledge most of us already have learned, and the rest of us would be able to figure out. I would perhaps even go so far as opine that this product line might otherwise lower public perception of the company who, to date has only offered top-grade product, and would now publicly appear to be possibly lowering the target clientele bar. On the other hand however, the target clientele would still be increased by the same margin were these files included, while also offering something new to current clients.

Stay classy as f*ck VSL. Seriously. Please don't lower yourself in the public's eye to a company who tries to just make quick, easy cash grabs from the easily duped. And also please provide this new and valuable resource to those of us that might conceivably be able to make use of it.

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