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Instances vs Channels in VE Pro7
Last post Sun, Jun 21 2020 by Dewdman42, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Jun 21 2020 15:03
by prahja
Joined on Thu, Feb 28 2019, Posts 4

While setting up the VE Pro 7 server I have so far created instance and then several channels for instruments. 

However if running from Logic Pro X, only the channel in DAW having VE Pro 7 plugin can have MIDI effects included. So other instruments will only work with the same MIDI effect. 

If I create Instance / instrument in VE Pro 7 then in DAW I can have MIDI effects for all as every channel will need VE Pro 7 plugin. 

Question: From performance point of view, is it more effective have less instances and more channels or what if I place every instrument into own instance ?

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Posted on Sun, Jun 21 2020 17:06
by Dewdman42
Joined on Tue, Feb 27 2018, Posts 983
This is a question that has been debated often on various forums and I don’t think there is concensus about what the “best” approach is. It depends on how you like to work and various factors with pros and cons.
Posted on Sun, Jun 21 2020 17:17
by Dewdman42
Joined on Tue, Feb 27 2018, Posts 983
Regarding the midi effect issue, that might be a compelling reason to use one instance per instrument track in Logic Pro, giving up some of the other advantages of multi-channel larger instances. Logicpro is the only daw that even had a proper midifx plugin section so you gotta give it credit for that but it is true then when you use a multi timbral instrument such as vepro, then all the midi for that multi timbral Instrument have to funnel through a single midifx section.

It will be much more simple to manage midifx, if you are using them, on a per channel basis rather then all channels through a single plugin.

That being said, it’s still possible to manage multiple channels through some midifx plugins if you want to use larger vepro instances, but it makes the midifx setup more complicated. Scripter, for example, can be programmed to handle each midi channel and port differently as desired, but that can result in large and complicated scripts.

You could alternatively use a tool like plogue bidule in the midifx section to split off each midi channel to a different midifx plugin chain inside plogue bidule, presuming you can do what you need to do entirely with third party midi plugins.

Just two examples. Possible, but complicated.

There are some other advanatages to using one instance per instrument track, such as easy freezing, easy audio routing, etc. It is probably the most hassle free way to go. But you also lose some of vepro’s capability since you aren’t mixing in vepro at that point.

It just depends a lot on the workflow you like to use
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