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LogicPro & VEP7 Audio Shredded
Last post Sat, Jul 25 2020 by f.steiner_27306, 2 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Jul 24 2020 17:18
by f.steiner_27306
Joined on Tue, Apr 17 2007, Germany, Posts 3

Hello dear forum readers,


I have a strange phenomenon and hope that someone can help me:


My setup:

i-mac with LogicPro connected via LAN to Windows PC and VE-Pro7

Both with the latest software.


I made a new template with about 40 instances. Each instance usually contains a Kontakt Instrument, or Vienna Instrument, or a Play Engine. So far everything has always worked fine.


Now the problem: As soon as I have connected all instances with Logic I can play any instrument as long as Logic is stopped.

But as soon as I start Logic and want to play along with it, I have very strong dropouts. The sound sounds like shredded. 

If I record what I play and play it back, it sounds the same as long as I stay on this instrument track. Only when I change the track does it sound again without dropouts.


The whole thing doesn't behave like this if I have only this or only a few instances connected to Logic.

Even if all instances on the Windows PC are still loaded in VEPRO.


The more instances of this template I connect to Logic, the worse it gets.


And the strangest thing is that the CPU usage on both PC and I-Mac is extremely low (25%-40%).


If I connect all instances of the template to Logic, I can't even play an instrument while Logic is playing.

When Logic is paused I can play 20 or more tracks with one instance connected without problems.

It's also possible to playback more than 50 tracks without problems, as long as I don't have one of the playing tracks selected,

or try to play along with it.


Does anyone have any idea what this might be due to?





Posted on Sat, Jul 25 2020 12:55
by f.steiner_27306
Joined on Tue, Apr 17 2007, Germany, Posts 3

Hello again,

I've done some more testing on my own and found out this.

Maybe it will help some of you who have the same problem:

I have just increased the I/O buffer in LogicPro from 128 to 256 and the described problems are gone.

I'm surprised, because the CPU display of Logic and the load of the Windows PC with VEP7 hardly showed any load, but increasing the I/O-buffer seems to work.

So with 128 samples dropouts and shredded audio

No problem with 256 samples

Regards Frank

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