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Posted on Thu, Oct 15 2020 16:26
by brendanlynch
Joined on Sat, Feb 17 2018, Posts 3

Hi everyone,

I realise this topic has been raised and discussed before, but I'd like to revisit it because an apparent solution by disabling the ASIO Guard doesn't seem to be doing the trick. In fact, it would appear that the problem is related to the active/inactive window. Allow me to explain:

I'm running an instance of Ensemble 6.5 inside a Cubase 10.5 project on Catalina 10.15.7. There are three instances of the Synchron Player in Ensemble drawn from the Smart Orchestra. Each is making use of one of the solo string patches - Violins, Violas, and Cellos to construct a string section.

As the track begins to play, the string section via Ensemble jitters and stutters badly, and the ONLY way to prevent it is to make the Ensemble window active! As soon as I do this, the strings start behaving and play nicely. As soon as the active window is switched back to Cubase, they start misbehaving again, jittering and stuttering their way through the track so that it becomes totally unworkable.

I have modified and remodified the preload defaults, the thread settings in Ensemble, and rescanned the transfer speeds numerous times. The samples are on a Samsung T5 and I'm getting 201.5 MB/s from it with the default preload of 3072 as standard. Changing these values simply doesn't help, nor does it affect anything by changing the default preload in the engine settings.

Today in sheer frustration, and knowing that the active window issue seems to be the problem, I used Sidecar to drop the Ensemble window onto my iPad and it solved the problem. The Ensemble window cannot be active on the Mac as that prevents me from being able to access the Cubase mixer etc, so the only solution was to hand it off to the iPad. Minimising the window to the dock also doesn't work.

It's a temporary solution I would think, but it does work and the Synchron players behave themselves again.

I'd appreciate any input from the techies however as I think the problem has to do with active/inactive windows and would prefer to get around it entirely within the same environment as I might not always have the iPad to hand when working.

Many thanks,

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