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Migrate large VEP 7 Logic template to AU3?
Last post Fri, Jan 08 2021 by rogerdp, 1 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Jan 08 2021 11:38
by rogerdp
Joined on Thu, Sep 27 2007, Posts 9

I have a fairly complex Logic template, based on the original VSL multiport design: an iMac with 2 slave PCs, hosting around 500 instruments in 7 instances of VEPro (separate instances for woodwind, brass, strings etc). In the environment, I'm using up to 10 ports per VEPro instance. So most of my Logic tracks are External MIDI, with a limited number of aux returns from each VEPro instance. This has worked reasonably well and allows me to use the same slave setup with both Logic and Cubase. 

However, articulation sets weren't working reliably so I have been modifying my template to use AU3, replacing External MIDI + aux returns with multiple Software Instrument tracks (all linked to one of the 7 VEPro instances). This seems to create as many issues as it solves, so I'm interested to know if there are compelling reasons for or against AU3. This is my provisional assessment:

Advantages of AU3:

  • Easier to create/check new tracks, with both Port and MIDI numbers viewable/editable in the Inspector
  • Greater flexibility with Articulation switching (e.g. using Art Conductor sets or AG scripting)
  • Avoids the need for complex routing in the environment.

Disadvantages of AU3:

  • Logic's multitimbral 'issues' make it difficult to control multiple SI tracks that share a common VEPro instance (e.g. loss of track-based MIDI control compared to separate Ext MIDI tracks).
  • Confusing mixer display - also due to shared VEPro tracks
  • Possible instability with some libraries (I've read that AU3 templates are generally stable, but I'm already having to consult a well-known library company to resolve persistent crashes in certain circumstances).

My combination of Logic + a small number of heavily populated VEPro instances is far from ideal (given Logic's limitations re large templates) and perhaps means it is not worth switching to AU3 in my case, but I'd be interested to know if my assessment sounds accurate and whether I've missed obvious reasons for or against AU3.

Master: iMac 3.5Ghz i7, 32GB RAM, OS 10.14.6, Logic 10.5.1, VEPro7, VI Pro & MIR (24), M-Audio ProjectMix audio interface/control surface. 2 x Slave PCs: 3.3GHz i5-2500K, 32GB RAM, Win7 & Win10 (64bit)
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