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Last post Mon, Jan 18 2021 by erisno, 7 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Jan 17 2021 02:33
by fraz
Joined on Wed, Jul 31 2013, Posts 50


I'm pretty new to this software so have some questions - 

I've got VEP 5 & 6 - Right now I've just been seeing how the software works as all companies for VST instruments have their own way of doing things.

I've used Vienna download manager no problem and downloaded Epic Orchestra and I think I used the Synchron library installer.

Then Epic Orchestra shows 16 .dat files with the expanded library - Can this library be backed up for later recall without having to re_install? (i hope so)_!

I was confused as to use the Synchron player or Vienna Ensemble (i just used ensemble)___as Synchron didn't seem to work.

The library seemed to be found automatically as the patches could play within Vienna Instruments software but I could not find an option to specify the directory for the library and I've got used to having to do this.

I do have VEP 5 & 6 (but this is just a test_)_ so I'm using the free software.

So any useful pointers and chit chat is most welcome to help alleviate any confusion - Thanks

Posted on Sun, Jan 17 2021 02:37
by fraz
Joined on Wed, Jul 31 2013, Posts 50


To begin with I get really confused with things so time is needed to fathom stuff out.

It seems the Vienna Ensemble software has the mixer to output the sound plus an inbuilt mechanism for the Vienna Instruments player.

It seems the Synchron player needed to be installed so the synchron installer could be used to set the directory path ? - which Vienna Instrument software picks up on immediately - Is this correct?

Posted on Sun, Jan 17 2021 04:49
by fraz
Joined on Wed, Jul 31 2013, Posts 50


It's the weekend so nobody is here yet - 

I've seen the Synchron player & Vienna player both appear in the Vienna Ensemble software - This is handy as Epic Orchestra and Big Bang Orchestra both use different players!

At some point I'm looking to buy a library or two and see there are the VI series & Synchron-ized versions as well.

Is it a choice of one or the other? - Any useful tips here please - Thanks

Posted on Sun, Jan 17 2021 18:33
by erisno
Joined on Fri, Sep 16 2016, Slovakia, Posts 26

Hi Fraz,

You can move VSL libraries without having to reinstall them. After changing the position of the library, you have to relocate them in software manually. Epic Orchestra works with Vienna Instrument player, so when you move your files, you have to run the Directory Manager and drag the new folder containing Epic Orchestra into it.

If you want to use Big Bang orchestra you have to install the Synchron Player (there should be a separate installer in your MyVSL in software installers tab). If you want to move BBO library to a different drive, you can also do so without reinstalling it, but this time you will have to relocate in the Synchron Player (not in directory manager).

Vienna Ensemble is like a container for multiple Synchron players and Vienna Instruments. You can quickly load those players by clicking on VI (Vienna Instruments) or SY (Synchron player) buttons in the left bottom corner inside VEP. If you are starting out, I recommend you to check this playlist which helps to explain how VEP works :)

VIENNA ENSEMBLE PRO 6 – New Features - YouTube

Posted on Mon, Jan 18 2021 02:37
by fraz
Joined on Wed, Jul 31 2013, Posts 50


You wrote -  "After changing the position of the library, you have to relocate them in software manually"

How is this done?

On other companies products I just reference the folder that contains the data and voila the library is found.

With BBO & Epic I've extracted the downloads using the Synchron library installer and it seems that the installer just wants to always extract the files (re_install_them)_even if there is content in an existing folder.

I do like to backup ALL content for ALL libraries to make re_installation easier to accomplish - and do so from external backup drives which gives me peace of mind.

Every company has their own way to do things !

Currently I've got Vienna Ensemble 6 installed with Synchron player and installer and the download manager.

I do have PRO license but not installed currently - Please elaborate  if you have a moment - Thank you.

Posted on Mon, Jan 18 2021 02:48
by fraz
Joined on Wed, Jul 31 2013, Posts 50


Does Vienna Ensemble Pro have an option to reference the sample libraries? - I don't have this installed currently and have Vienna Ensemble 6.5 installed (free)__

I've not had any trouble accessing the presets for BBO & EPIC - and must re-iterate this is a test only to see how it all works the VSL way!!!

So I would say currently I can't access the directory path for the installed BBO & EPIC - But do have it all installed and can access the content due to using the Synchron Library Installer.

If I've missed something please say so ! - 

Of course the acid test is to buy more libraries - download them - back them up - install them - reference the content - and see the options available within the software and learn how VSL do this.

Like mentioned above each company has their own different ways of doing the same thing and this is what I'm asking about here - ! - I'm not really a total Novice user but am new to VSL ! - and ORCH libraries in general!

Posted on Mon, Jan 18 2021 09:38
by erisno
Joined on Fri, Sep 16 2016, Slovakia, Posts 26

Hi fraz,

you can relocate Vienna Instruments libraries (Epic Orchestra) using Directory Manager. This video explains how it works.

How to use the Vienna Instruments Directory Manager (Win) - YouTube

VSL libraries work the same way as other samples libraries. The installation creates separate files .dat (for VI player) .vsynvolume (for Synchron player). These are the library files, which if you move to a different location, you have to relocate. You can relocate VI instruments (Epic Orchestra) using the Directory Manager (see above).

Synchron Player libraries (Big Bang Orchestra) work differently (there is no additional software like Directory Manager). You can relocate libraries by clicking on the settings > database. The missing libraries are red.

Database - Sample Content | VSL - Software Manuals

Hope I have helped you, if not feel free to ask more :)

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