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Newbie question: Using solo violin from Elite Strings
Last post Wed, Jul 14 2021 by welltempered, 4 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Jun 22 2021 02:47
by welltempered
Joined on Fri, Feb 26 2021, Posts 23

I’m using the Solo Mic 1 in Elite Strings (the first chair mic’d separately) as a solo violin for a mockup and just wanted to check how best to configure the settings to do so (I have the Standard library).  The small amount of bleeding from the orchestra is not a problem; the solo violin in this piece is rarely exposed and is also combined with a background using Synchron Strings Pro.

 What I’ve done is go to the Mix tab in Elite Strings and (1) turn on the Solo 1 Mic and change the Volume slider setting from minus infinity to zero, and (2) turn off the Room-Mix mic which is the default preset (for good measure I also moved its volume fader from zero to minus infinity although I don’t know if this is necessary).

 Anything I should do in addition or differently?

Posted on Tue, Jun 22 2021 09:22
by PaoloT
Joined on Tue, Dec 27 2016, Posts 1224

I don't have SES, but I would also choose the closest setting among the presets. This should contain additional programming (EQ, artificial reverb, panning) more accurately crafted for a detailed solo sound.


Posted on Wed, Jun 23 2021 14:36
by welltempered
Joined on Fri, Feb 26 2021, Posts 23

Thanks Paolo!  Btw I’ve also followed the idea you mentioned in the VI-C forum of using molto vibrato as the default articulation for legato, which IMO works well to add a bit more expressiveness compared to the regular vibrato. 

Any thoughts from Paul or other VSL staff on the appropriate settings for using the solo violin from SES?

Posted on Wed, Jul 14 2021 18:01
by welltempered
Joined on Fri, Feb 26 2021, Posts 23

In case somebody later has the same question about the solo violin, below is the answer I got separately from the ever-helpful Andi:

VSL has prepared mixer-presets that focus on the solo players which can be found under "04 Divisi Presets” in the MixerPreset tab.  

The preset for 1st Violins Player 1 (which is available even with the Standard Library) has 3 mics: Solo 1, Mid and Room-Mix.

VSL’s mixer-preset’s fader levels are 0 for the Solo 1 mic and -10 for the other two. He suggested that if their preset includes too much bleeding from the section, you can turn down or turn off the "Room-Mix" and "Mid" faders.

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