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Articulate Preset for VSL
Last post Tue, Apr 19 2022 by symphonic riot, 4 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Apr 07 2022 22:56
by mikeyggg
Joined on Fri, Nov 25 2011, Posts 21
Has anyone had any luck using the Articulate Preset thing from the company Symphonic Riot for VSL? This thing: https://www.articulate-preset.com/

Just spent an entire evening trying to get the demo version to work with no success.
Skim read the weighty tome of a manual. No quick start guide or video demo in sight.
I managed to get some of the key switch articulation changes working on the first bank page and the vertical and horizontal sliders to some degree but the program change thing is very confusing.
My SL88 keyboard is sending some kind of PC when I switch between presets but it seems to have almost random effects on the plug-in despite me arranging the PC numbers on the keyboard in sequential order.
A video demo would be extremely helpful. On the point now of leaving it be because of lack of this when I would really like it to work.
Anyway. Semi rant over.
Any help much appreciated.
Posted on Fri, Apr 08 2022 09:59
by symphonic riot
Joined on Sun, Nov 25 2018, Posts 15

Hello mikeyggg,

I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties setting up Articulate Presets.

You are right that the manual is weighty, since the presets have many features 😊, but it is not necessary to read all of it to start. There is a setup section in the manual and the installation of the presets is generally rather quick (and it seems this worked already).

With Articulate Presets you can access the entire content of VSL Vienna Instruments libraries with program change messages and a few controllers (CC2,3,4 & 20) that continuously change various aspect of these sounds. Program change messages are generally the quickest and easiest way to access a large number of different sounds/playing techniques on a keyboard and the presets work fine with program change messages. But it could be that it is harder to set up your keyboard to send these program change messages as well as the continuous controllers, and you will have to check the documentation that came with your keyboard for details how this is done. There are 100s of different hardware controllers on the market and how these are set up is unfortunately different for each of them. Therefore, it would be impossible to releasee a quick start guide or a video that could explain how this is done in all cases.

However, in case you use a tablet, you could download the VSL VI pro tablet app and control everything conveniently this way. 

And if you use one of the supported Music Applications (Logic, Studio One, Cubase or Dorico) selecting playing techniques is even easier and you don't have to use program change messages. These comprehensive implementations are likewise included in the demo package and there are separate manuals that explain each of them (as well as the setup) in detail.

If you have more detailed questions, please contact us directly at:

I hope this helps.

All the best


Posted on Tue, Apr 19 2022 13:03
by michael.matthews
Joined on Sat, Aug 23 2003, Montréal / Berlin, Posts 286

After the iLok updated the Articulate Presets do not work with Dorico. As I understand it, a fix is in the works. Anybody else having this problem?

Posted on Tue, Apr 19 2022 21:02
by symphonic riot
Joined on Sun, Nov 25 2018, Posts 15

Hello Michael,

yes, it is correct that while the Synchron Player seems fine, the new iLok version of VI pro does not work correctly in Dorico on Mac, yet. Present (VST2) VI pro instances in existing scores are not correctly converted to the iLok version and just open empty. VSL support confirmed this bug and they promised that they will look into this.

In addition there is now also an iLok VST3 version of VI pro. This is good news since VST2 is not supported by Steinberg anymore, but this new version wasn't clearly announced and in Dorico there is not even a way to distinguish the two versions. Unfortunately, so far the iLok VST3 version still lacks some features (e.g. support of program change messages, ...) that the eLicenser VST2 version offered. The VSL team plans to re-introduce these features, but since this will apparently take some time, we are currently updating the Articulate Map so that it also works with the current VST3 version.

All the best


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