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Smart Control for Synchron Player in Logic
Last post Wed, Aug 10 2022 by ravez, 5 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Apr 08 2022 20:40
by Mavros
Joined on Mon, Apr 19 2021, Switzerland, Posts 42

In Logic you can write automation for numerous plug-in paramètres in playback latch or touch mode. In general the parameters like Expression and Modulation, Vel.XF are automatically mapped in the Logic Smart Control.s view. For the Synchron Player this is not the case. 

You can map the parameters manually and they influence the playback. You can also link them to faders of a Midi controller but the changes are not written to the automation lane in latch or touch mode.  What is needed to do this is that the Midi CC changes are « translated » into Logic automation control changes.

Has anyone been able to solve this issue?

Workaround is to record these parameters in normal record mode « on top » of the already recorded notes but writing in playback with latch and touch functionality ismore efficient. 

Posted on Sun, Apr 10 2022 09:11
by Mavros
Joined on Mon, Apr 19 2021, Switzerland, Posts 42

The issue seems to be specific to Logic automation which uses both midi CC  type automation and their own. In Cubase Write mode in playback works with the Synchron Player. I assume because Cubase only used CC type automation also when used in Playback Write mode.

Strange that some libraries like BBCSO have a default setup with Logic smart controls preinstalled and linked to Logic own automation but the Synchron Player not.

Posted on Sun, Apr 10 2022 21:06
by Mavros
Joined on Mon, Apr 19 2021, Switzerland, Posts 42

I did some more testing and I think I solved the issue myself although the reason for having it in my existing projects with several Synchron Player (SP) tracks is still unclear. To solve it:

  • I started with a new project and loaded the SP Plugin with a Strings Pro VCs and immediately pressed the Logic Smart Control shortcut (B).
  • Contrary to my earlier test on an exiting track in a project, a number of Smart Control buttons show up. The choice is a bit weird (ByPass On/Off, Master Volume, Expression and DIm.CRT/A-E), however the buttons can contrary to earlier now also be allocated to e.g. VElL.XF. 
  • By moving these Smart Control buttons or also by moving the faders in the SP Plugin the automation can now be registered in playback latch, touch and write mode.
  • Learning a button on a Midi Controller to do this same task should  be done in the Logic Smart Control inspector by pushing Learn and not in the SP plugin on the fader. Both methods make the button in the SP plugin move and have effect on the playback, but only when the midi controller button has been linked in Logic Smart Control, it will also register automation in playback mode.
Posted on Tue, Aug 09 2022 19:25
by Patrick Buzo
Joined on Mon, Sep 06 2021, Luzern, Posts 1

Hi Mavros

Your posts have been really helpful, but I still can't record my automation with latch/write or touch mode. When I try to map the parameters to the smart controls, Logic acts as if there's no plugin loaded in the track.

It just doesn't recognize the plugin at all.


Has this happened to you as well?

Posted on Wed, Aug 10 2022 03:25
by ravez
Joined on Sun, Apr 24 2011, Posts 43

one thing to note is it won't work if your track is in a track stack (either summing or folder), but it can work as long as you first select your track stack and then cmd+click to select your actual track.

to setep the linking i suggest dragging them out of the track stack first, it's just easier, then you can put it back in the track stack and just remember the selection trick to get the automation working.

also, in the smart control panel, i suggest you rename the parameters you linked for convenience

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